Patrick's Day 2018: Facts, History And Traditions For The Irish Holiday

We're not going to judge you for going the green beer route but there's more than one way to do St. Patrick's Day in New York City. Credit Getty Images

Check your calendar or check your head.

Caleb Threlkeld. He stated that the white clover was worn by people in their hats on the 17th of March, St Patrick's Day, with the belief that this three-leafed grass represented the mystery of the Holy Trinity. "Where from?' They would say, 'Oh, my great-grandmother...'"

While long said in Ireland, the phrase came into wider usage in 1847 when a group of Irish volunteers joined the Mexicans in the Mexican-American war.

For anyone unable to attend, the parade will stream live on the Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade Facebook page.

Sputnik: It is actually a religious celebration, it is a feast day in the Catholic Church to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland, who is St. Patrick and it's the day of his death I believe?

Legend holds that he will judge the Irish on Judgement Day. Then began a lifetime of dedicating his life to becoming a priest.

That story, like many in history, was an allegory for St. Patrick eradicating pagan ideology and substituting Christianity for the Irish people.

March 17, 2011 - The 250th New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade is held.

Well, you can - and many people will be flocking to Ireland, Indiana this weekend to experience the luck of the Irish. Green clothes are naturally a good way to start, but don't stop there.

Some bona fide Irish men and women were consulted about which traditions have carried over from the homeland and which ones might have gotten lost in translation. He was born in either England, Scotland, or Wales (depending on which academic you ask).

In the early 1900s, Ireland's government made St. Patrick's Day an official holiday. It's hard to get more Irish than that. North America took it to a different extreme.

Should U.S. residents do more than just celebrate the day along with most other countries in the world?

Traffic restrictions are in place on most parade routes and people, are advised to plan their route before travelling.

Students sang traditional songs, learned Gaelic words and phrases and played Gaelic football.

He also remembers everyone wearing small, three-leaf plant pieces, called shamrocks. "We've got cases and it will be an endless supply of Jameson!"

However, Cronin, says, many of these traditions are not really Irish.

It wasn't easy going for Maewyn back in Ireland - he apparently clashed with local officials and wrote about getting beaten, robbed, arrested and nearly executed during his mission.

"There's no meal as such".

Spectator Judy Hughes says she's been going to the parade since she was a child. Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club Vice President Ronnie Burke spoke with Travel + Leisure about the organization's traditions and protocol, including cabbage tossing. The department just making sure you have nothing but the luck of the Irish on your side.