Shadow of the Tomb Raider reveal incoming

'Tomb Raider' Review: Reboot Brings A Dull Addition To The Franchise

A PR company later let slip a handful of Shadow of the Tomb Raider promotional materials, which hinted at the Aztec/Mayan setting. But when it comes to Hollywood's film adaptations of popular video games, everything is much clearer.

When Angelina Jolie signed on to play Lara Croft in a Tomb Raider movie, she was a recent Oscar-winner with a controversial reputation.

With the release of the long-awaited Tomb Raider movie coming this Friday, Square Enix is gearing up to announce their next entry in the long-running video game series.

The recent Los Angeles premiere of Tomb Raider was one such time when Alicia appeared for a rare outing looking like nothing short of a smoke show. It arrives just over five years after the game it is based upon.

Eidos Montreal is also partnering with Crystal Dynamics for that Avengers project.

"Shadow of The Tomb Raider is the climatic finale of Lara's origin story". When she falls, she gets hurt, but she picks herself up. I do look forward to seeing what this new game is all about, though.

Alicia Vikander admits she's always been "petite". Looks like we'll have to wait for either March 15 or April 27 to know more. Her father goes missing and she is prompted to find him by way of a mysterious object, and she is off to her first adventure. That is what leads her onto her adventure.

Alicia Vikander delivers a fierce performance, with great athletic skills and acute emotional intensity. I loved working on those sets, which were massive.

The traditional Lara Croft was known for two things, duel-wielding two-large caliber handguns and... unrealistically enormous breasts. I think she just has it all. Granted she has skills, but it is not quite there yet as you would see in an opening box fight scene. She worked really hard with the stunt team preparing her for all the stunts that she had to go through. "You can't call this girl's chest flat and also pretend you've ever seen a woman outside of video games".

Well, the movie has to come from character. First of all, by starting further back in Lara's life.

Lara captivates the audience with her wit and intelligence, not her beauty. But really, take me up on that drinking game.

It is also a bet Warner Bros. has placed on Vikander to be Hollywood's next breakout female action star following the roaring success of little-known Israeli actress Gal Gadot in last year's "Wonder Woman". That's an incredible honor, knowing all the fans out there and their expectations.

Interestingly, the reveal looks to land on the day before the upcoming Tomb Raider film's United States release, so Square Enix may be trying to drive up hype for the blockbuster with the announcement.