Former Redskins' QB Kirk Cousins likely to sign with Vikings

Former Spartans and Redskins QB Kirk Cousins will reportedly sign a fully-guaranteed contract with the Vikings

Going to a playoff contender where he can be plugged into an already-functional system?

Kirk Cousins is a hero for all the young players that will follow after him.

Meanwhile, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport has reported that the Cardinals are signing former Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon to a two-year deal worth eight million dollars.

As the song said, the Jets didn't get what they wanted, but they got what they needed. But the roster architects of the quarterback-starved teams probably will be able to rest a bit easier for the time being. The leftover money can be used to fill a number of holes on the offensive line and add skill-position players to surround Keenum with. Where does that put them among the other teams in terms of odds? No offer was extended to Cousins. At the time, many people saw his selection as foolish. John Dorsey, the new general manager in Cleveland, surrendered the top pick of the draft's third round in the trade with the Bills for Taylor, who is mobile and avoids throwing interceptions but did not satisfy Buffalo's decision-makers that he deserved to stay.

I don't think I would.

He will be the NFL's highest-paid quarterback, based on average salary. Over last two seasons - during which Cousins was paid just under $44 million - his record was 15-16-1. That doesn't all go on the players. "We'll handle the business the first thing in the morning while he's getting his physical and going on some tours, and then hopefully we'll be having a press conference sometime tomorrow afternoon, if all goes well".

Again, this is not to say Denver won't draft a QB fifth overall, but they won't need to. "And I'm sure that (the Vikings) thought he was the best available (quarterback), so I'm sure they're happy with him".

Keenum's signing would mean that the Broncos can turn their attention to plugging other holes in their line-up.

Keenum will join a Broncos squad that ranked 27th out of the 32 teams with 18.1 points per game. Minnesota's Super Bowl odds have improved amid reports that the quarterback is likely to sign with the Vikings. The offense, with its rotating cast of quarterbacks, has lacked an identity and consistency that the Broncos have desperately sought to solve, to little avail.

Six years ago, Elway landed Peyton Manning, the biggest free agent prize in National Football League history, following his release by the Colts and a series of neck fusion surgeries.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins talks with quarterback Case Keenum of the Minnesota Vikings after the Vikings defeated the Washington Redskins 38-30 on November 12, 2017.