'American Idol': 5 Audition Highlights From the Premiere & More Thoughts

Luke Bryan Talks 'American Idol' Premiere

It airs on Fox from 2002 and ended with it 15th season in 2016. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, Seacrest's salary is $12 million; judge Luke Bryan will be paid the same amount, while Lionel Richie's salary is $10 million.

American Idol is back! But the Fox version would have delayed its return until 2020, a contingency which was rejected by the show's producer, FremantleMedia. His audition was completely natural and he was just completely in the zone. She obviously gets three yeses and her pass to Hollywood. The showrunner for this season previously stated that the show would not intentionally show bad auditions this year.

On this Sunday night's two-hour debut, it's time to get to what we are here for - the open auditions. "People know you. They perceive it as instantaneous success, although it's not really exactly success, and they think you've taken the easy way". She performed her own song titled "21st Century Machine", which received a compliment from Richie.

Katy called her "a spectacular songwriter", Luke noted she seems "brilliant beyond her years", and Lionel complimented her by saying it was as if a Martian had landed on earth. Perry thought it was a very well written song.

Richie, she says, is "the legacy".

Her shining moment in the premiere arrives when she dazzles an impossibly cherubic, rosy-cheeked first-time-in-L.A. farm boy (he comes on stage to the whistled Andy Griffith theme). Grace, who is a homeschool junior, moved to McKinney just over a year ago. Ron is singing, "Let It Go", by James Bay. Then Katie gets up and hugs him too, Luke hands him his golden ticket.

In a freaky move, Richie made a decision to bring Bultongez back. To those who might think that may I remind you about brutal this show can be.

Maddie Poppe, 19, Clarksville, Iowa sings with "The Rainbow Connection", and she has a great voice. Lionel: "You have that storyteller voice, it's the best thing, we need you on this show".

Bryan may be the least known of the three new judges, but he's no B-lister.

But her second song was the selling point.

Of course he was referring to Lionel's 36-year-old reality star daughter Nicole Richie. "It's really like walking a tightrope", she says. She's off to Hollywood.

Layla Spring is from Kentucky and has an awesome bond with her little sister, Dyxie. And Luke added that she'd be doing herself a disservice by doing singing as her career. "You know how to imitate, but you haven't found your thing yet".

The fact that it's been widely reported Perry is receiving $25 million as a judge on the show taints her image in this battle with nuns. She gets a bunch of noes and rightfully so. "That's going up on the fridge", Glaze said. Perry said it was a little rushed. Even when we were rolling into the city yesterday, and there's a big billboard, American Idol. Rock "n" roll singer Nico Bones sang a children's song about worms while playing electric guitar.

Arkansas Tech University's Noah Davis is moving on to Hollywood week on American Idol. He sings Stay by Rhianna on the piano. The judges were going gaga over Alyssa - and for good reason. She by far, had the best voice of the night. Zach has been singing for one year and tonight he is singing, "The way you look tonight". But I guess I'm really happy for the people who work on the show. "American Idol for me felt like it was going to be a blast".

"I should've fought for him", Bryan declared to Richie.

After a slew of rejections, the next promising artist was Dennis Lorenzo. It started strong, but he really shined when he slipped into his falsetto. And he does not get a golden ticket. It basically summed up night one of American Idol's return to the television. There are not many bad auditions in the first episode, but even the worst ones don't necessarily qualify as awful.