Hands-on: Fitbit Versa is a smarter, more affordable smartwatch for the masses

Fitbit Versa brings female health tracking and a much-improved design

With the smaller design, the Versa's is the lightest weight smartwatch made of metal now on the market, Fitbit says.

When the Ionic first arrived, we described FitbitOS as offering "smartwatch scaffolding" - but with version 2.0 on the Versa, it's definitely starting to look more like the finished article.

The Versa also supports a variety of standard Fitbit features, including 24/7 health tracking, the ability to load music directly onto the built-in storage, and automatic sleep detection. Versa and Ionic will be able to view where they are in their cycle on-device; owners of other Fitbit trackers will still be able to track their periods via the app.

Smaller and arguably prettier than the Ionic, the Fitbit Versa is billed as the "lightest metal smartwatch in the US", although the exact weight of the device is unspecified.

It boasts a battery life of up to four days compared to the Apple Watch's 18 hours. Meet the Fitbit Versa: the latest smartwatch in the Fitbit family that we're certain will be on the wrists of everyone at your gym come summertime. It seems essentially like a rebranded Fitbit Alta and lets parents track their children's activities, health, what have you. READ NEXT:Google publishes new research into how neural networks "think" Fitbit's targeting the Versa at general consumers who want a do-anything all-purpose smartwatch.

Back to the watch: here are some more brilliant features you're going to obsess over, and that will make your day-to-day life easier.

"The nuances of the menstrual cycle have not been as widely studied across populations as have other areas in healthcare", Fitbit adviser Dr. Katharine White says in the accompanying press release.

A special edition of the watch also comes with woven material straps and includes a plastic strap in the box that you can switch to when you want to go out exercising.

The $199.95 Versa is made of aluminum and comes in five distinct finishes including black, rose gold, and silver.

There is a wide range of bands available for the Fitbit Verse and it looks like the company is working to take on the Apple Watch in terms of fashion accessories.

Fitbit Versa pre-orders can be placed now on the company's website for $199.95, with global retail availability planned for April. Ionic was supposed to offset falling sales of simpler fitness trackers, but it was too niche. The app also will reward children with in-app badges for achieving their health goals. The guideline is 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Privacy is also beefed up, with a new Fitbit family account feature that's compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

This kid-friendly fitness tracker is designed as a great way for parents to monitor their kid's activity.

Rates of obesity among children and teenagers have soared 10-fold around the world in the past four decades, a global study found previous year.

One point Fitbit was quick to repeat multiple times during its pre-briefing on Ace was that it has the largest database of biometric data in the world. It will be available in blue or purple and cost $99.95.