Rickford promotes Conservative Party unity under new leader Ford

PC Party insider: It's between Christine Elliott and Doug Ford

In fairness, Kenney didn't know Ford would emerge the victor any more than the rest of us did when he uttered the predictable call for post-vote unity, "Whoever is chosen, I ask you to support the democratic vote of all of your members". I've said it over and over and over again.

"The leadership style is very alpha and alpha male, and it remains to be seen how that will go over", he said, noting there is no reason to expect anything different now that Ford is at the helm. "She's an incredible campaigner, she's a phenomenal debater".

"I appreciate her (Elliott) thoughts".

Doug Ford is the new leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative party following a divisive leadership campaign that resulted finally, in his victory.

"Then again, she's never been in the ring with Doug Ford".

"And when you get it up and going, it's going to help drive the economy".

The provincial election takes place Thursday June 7th, 2018.

Romano said Ford had a strong following and believes he will be an effective leader.

Walker said polls showed the PCs would defeat the Liberal government when both former leader Patrick Brown was at the party's helm and when MPP Vic Fedeli was interim leader.

Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says it's time to get behind what Ford's vision is and unite the party, and ensure that Ford has all the insight he can get from the local MPP's.

"We have a lot to do in a short amount of time", Ford said late Saturday in his acceptance speech. And Kathleen Wynne, the leader of a party that has ruled Ontario since 2003, has been Canada's most unpopular premier for years now, polls suggest.

In 2013, he publicly accused Wynne of having something to do with his brother losing a volunteer position coaching high school football - accusations the premier's office denied.

"The only time I ever met Doug was when he was in the Sault (during his leadership campaign, March 3)..."

More than 64,000 votes were cast in the hastily organized and problem-plagued leadership race, but Lefton did not indicate whether any of the votes were being scrutinized. So we should worry about Ford, who when he was a Toronto City Councillor distinguished himself by assailing public libraries until he was crushed like a bug, metaphorically speaking, by author Margaret Atwood. He came in second in that race behind former provincial legislator John Tory.

Ford was crowned leader after a third ballot of preferential voting within the PC voting system.

Ford won the Tory leadership by narrowly beating out former Tory legislator Christine Elliott, who initially questioned the results before conceding almost a full day later.

Mere months before the election, the province's official Opposition sacrificed its leader in a scandal over sexual misconduct allegations; surrendered its official campaign platform in a policy panic; revealed the "rot" and internal wrongdoing in its nominations and machinations; and, finally, bungled the vote count virtually from start to finish, and ultimately in the aftermath.

If elected premiere of Ontario later this year Ford could also play a part in the next federal election. "I need to focus on what it is that people are saying to me in terms of what they need".