Ryan Coogler Pens Heartfelt Letter to Ava DuVernay

Reese Witherspoon left and Storm Reid in A Wrinkle in Time

I happen to believe very strongly in hope. Alfre Woodard and Alison Elliott starred in a 2003 TV movie for ABC, which L'Engle wasn't a fan of, famously telling the press it met her expectations by being awful. Exactly what a tesseract is, and how it functions, and where it takes them, is under-defined, summed up in vagaries about lightspeed and quantum mechanics.

"There is a difference between the voice in your head and the voice in your heart", said Oprah Winfrey to the TheGrio. It's great that Disney and DuVernay could work on this together and that A Wrinkle in Time gives us a chance to celebrate diversity. I actually view that as a potential advantage when it comes to reviewing book-to-movie adaptations.

You can tell "A Wrinkle in Time" is supposed to fill you with a sense of wonder. DuVernay and her scripters literally throw it away, condensing great stuff with The Man with Red Eyes (demoted here to a throwaway appearance by Michael Peña) - easily the novel's most unsettling character - in favor of pointless chunks of time spent in special effects-enhanced environments invented for this movie. It has flashes of inspiration and raw emotion, and beyond the famous faces in the cast, Disney's "Wrinkle in Time" is graced with a wonderful, natural Meg courtesy of the young actress Storm Reid. "She makes the most distant dreams and ideas a reality", Coogler wrote. One of the most effective scenes in the entire film has the three children standing on a suburban block as children in every driveway bounce identical red balls in flawless synchrony.

Gift giving isn't a competition.but if it were, Oprah Winfrey would easily beat Stephen Colbert.

DuVernay's casting instincts are good. Since his vanishing, Meg (Storm Reid) has experienced behavioural issues at school, leaving her with only one sort-of friend named Calvin (Levi Miller). Mrs. Whatsit (Witherspoon), Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling) - enter the lives of Meg and her brilliant younger brother, Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe). The film goes some dark places, as all the best children's films do, but its honest and genuine message will resonate with children who are going through these same feelings.

Pine plays the dad, who is missing, which prompts a visit from three witches - Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. DuVernay's film is always visually ambitious, even while the narrative feels compressed and rushed. L'Engle's prose is masterfully compact and often lyrical. She uses the image of an ant walking on a flat string. There's simply too much time taken with exposition. There are moments in "A Wrinkle in Time" that synthesize everything needed to answer those questions. She said it made her happy to get up early every morning so she could get to work with them. The planet looks as though they're out in the green fields and flowers of a countryside. But when they're rendered as Disney-fied CGI, and characters just stand there and look at them, they're not so interesting. "She has a lovely vision and a attractive mind". In her initial appearance in the Murry's backyard, Mrs. Instead, L'Engle's admonitions to embrace your weirdness are reduced to forced whimsey. "Her stifled pain-at her father's absence, at the gossip it sparks, at the mockery and ostracism that she endures from the popular girls, with the more flawless wardrobes and the more glittery manners, such as her next-door neighbor, Veronica (Rowan Blanchard)-compacts itself into an opaque expression and a far-reaching gaze". A Wrinkle In Time was long thought to be unfilmable, and this version suggests that conventional wisdom was right.