Top adviser to United Arab Emirates cooperating with Mueller investigation

Former Trump campaign aide backtracks on Mueller: 'I'm going to cooperate'

In one of several Monday afternoon interviews, Nunberg explained to MSNBC's Katy Tur that the investigators' requests made him think there could be a case being built against Stone, whom he spoke of as a mentor.

On Monday, Sam Nunberg, a former communications and political adviser whom Trump has sued, hired, fired, rehired and fired again in recent years, made it known that he doesn't plan to comply with a subpoena that the Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller sent his way.

"I'm going to cooperate with whatever they want", Nunberg told CNN Tuesday in a phone interview. "I think that he may have done something during the election", Nunberg responded. He was apparently completely offended that he was asked about Roger Stone, saying "Roger is like family to me".

"Talking to you, I have smelled alcohol on your breath", Burnett said to Nunberg live on air. "I'm not interested in spending hours going over and trying to pull emails".

He also said that "there is nobody who hates [Trump] more than me".

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah had some fun at the expense of former Trump aid Sam Nunberg for his freaky media blitz earlier this week.

He said that while the mainstream media was obsessing over Nunberg's "freakout", they ignored other stories they should have been covering, including new evidence of the "real Russian Federation collusion" during the 2016 Election.

Mr Nunberg told CNN that he was pulling together the communications that special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed from him as part of the investigation into possible Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation. The former Trump aide has since reversed himself and said he will cooperate with the Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

"I'm not cooperating", Nunberg told Tapper. Nunberg, who, CNN reported, has already met with investigators, went on a multihour media onslaught.

Despite the scathing headlines, Nunberg concluded that his chaotic TV interviews weren't all in vain.

"I don't consider [it] as giving him legal advice", she said. It also called for him to testify before a grand jury.

Though he'd bombastically claimed the opposite on multiple cable news shows, Nunberg did suggest to The Associated Press on Monday that he'd change his mind.

The comedian also pointed out a quote from Nunberg to The Washington Post, in which he argued that Trump "won this election on his own". During congressional testimony in November, Mr. Prince denied representing the Trump transition team during the meeting and dismissed his encounter with Mr. Dmitriev as nothing more than a friendly conversation over a drink.

"She's very, very smart", Nunberg said, referring to Wiley, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's former chief counsel. With Nunberg's lawyers making noise that he may not consent to an interview, Mueller has every reason to issue or enforce a subpoena.