The Body Count on 'The Walking Dead' Keeps Climbing After Carl's Death

The Walking Dead saison 8: Episode 10 pourquoi il pourrait être primordial pour la suite de la série

He wonders what Carl meant with his dying plea, did he really want Rick to surrender to Negan?

In a moving moment, Michonne noticed the handprints Carl and Judith made on their front porch, crying as she saw them. It was nearly odd to see her talk to Rick normally, with full sentences.

Location, location, location: Of course Rick and Michonne's house didn't get bombed or burnt. That's a neat turnabout from how the characters usually come off, Rick the lawman desperate for peace and Negan the vicious warlord eager to grind resisters under his boot. Touched by his son's hope for a peaceful future, Rick promises Carl that he will work to make that future a reality.

When Rick and Michonne showed up, they got trapped with Walking Scavengers everywhere. Just when it seems that a dialogue could be opened, Rick shuts it back in Negan's face.

After killing everyone except Jadis, Simon went back to the Sanctuary, where he flat-out lied to Negan. Despite his words, Rick still proceeded to talk to Negan over a walkie-talkie.

It seems the main goal for these sectional breaks is more to mark shifts in time because, again, while this portion is supposed to focus on Negan, it hones in on Simon. On the heels of Carl's death, make that two heart-strings tugged in as many weeks. This last would have been able to be more sensitive if he had himself read the letter rather than receive the message from Rick. There's obviously a walker inside.

After a fight with Negan, he manages to get Simon's anger in line and do what he asks starting with getting Jadis and her people in line. The walker was once one of theirs, Dean.

Simon and his men report back to Negan. Meanwhile, Aaron and Enid search for allies. Natania's granddaughter Cindy threatens to execute them both. Cindy offers a stay of execution and tells them to scram; Aaron's plan appears to be to stay behind, squat by a big tree at the edge of the property, and wait for someone to come his way.

Simon is surrounded by team Jadis immediately upon entering the scrapyard. They should cut their losses and go find a less aggressive community to save. When they did, he still didn't feel Jadis was remorseful enough, and killed two of her top commanders.

In addition to the war, Negan continues to deal with struggles within his ranks as workers, traitors, and others' thirst for power cause conflict at the Sanctuary. No matter what happens to Rick and his group, this sweaty apocalypse simply keeps on churning; each time something seemingly transformative happens, the series ends up reverting to whatever it's done before.

Next sequence is a flashback to Rick and Michonne escaping the walkers at the Scavengers' camp. She was visibly affected by having to watch her people be grinded into mush, showing an emotional depth that she has lacked since her character's introduction to the show.

As for the Scavengers, how 'bout that industrial grinder at the junkyard turning what remained of Jadis's crew into zombie slurry? However, she rejoined Rick's alliance in the seventh season midseason finale in an effort to overthrow the Saviors.

Rick and Michonne scramble out, but leave Jadis begging for help. Negan's relationship with Carl has always been a curious thing: He respected the kid's cajones, but always seemed to be angling for something, maybe a way to turn Carl's teen angst against his old man. Rick tells her about the letters, and that Carl wrote one to Negan. The death hits Negan hard.

We thought that Carl was pretty clear about what he wanted and what he was working towards, but Rick wasn't 100% clear on what he was trying to say. He told him that he needed to stop now before anyone else died.

I wasn't surprised by Negan's reaction to Carl's death, and I wasn't surprised that Carl had written a note to Negan. Rick tells her he is done with her games. "He is dead because of you. Give up because you have already lost".