More Democrats voted early in Texas Primary

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Double-check your polling site.

"I think the democratic party pushes big on early voting because they may feel that their core constituency are not necessarily reliable voters". Democrats need to pick up a net of 24 seats to take back the House.

There's not much more politicking left in the 2018 Texas primary elections. His most notable challenger, Stefano de Stefano, is running as a moderate Republican, and his "shoestring" campaign doesn't have the resources to offer a serious challenge to Cruz. Still, there is no doubt these numbers are likely concerning to Republicans hoping to keep the state red.

"We're seeing the lowest unemployment in 17 years", he said. On the Republican side, there had been only a 15 percent uptick.

"Texas Democrats are fired up, exceeding all expectations, and voting in force", Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said. This year seven candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination to run against Sessions in November.

Meanwhile, in California, the state Democratic Committee ensured an internal fight when it snubbed Sen.

Three Republicans and one Democrat will seek the Texas House District 8 seat to be vacated by Byron Cook, who announced in October that he would not seek another term. Four years ago, 6,300 people voted in the Republican Primary and just 1,700 voted in the Democratic Primary.

The primary races could have national implications in both the House and the Senate come Election Day this November. And it may all be due to President Donald J. Trump.

The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is backing candidates like Laura Moser, whose progressive ideology is well outside the mainstream. It is often considered their beachhead and it is one of the states keeping them competitive in the electoral college. The man known as Beto represents a politics of conviction for higher values and courage in refusing to bend to the lesser instincts of our times that have lowered the standards of far too many politicians in far too many places.

"Make no mistake - it's a tough lift in Texas. I think we have better people [running for office], regular folks saying I got to get in the movement", voter Rachel Consorte said. "The excitement being generated now among candidates will not only build, it will consolidate". Toggle between both sets of graphs to see how early voting turnout fared for both Democrats and Republicans across the state. If you haven't voted already, please check out our Texas Voter Guide to see where the candidates appearing on your ballot stand on cannabis reform.

Texas has the earliest primaries in the country this year and has an unusually high number of prominent open races.

Denton County Republicans have lost substantial market share in the past four years.

Voters in San Antonio and across the state will be headed to the polls Tuesday for the Texas Primaries.

Voting data from the 2016 election shows that younger voters, those age 18-29, voted in smaller numbers than older voters. However, on the Democratic side, first time primary voters comprise over almost a quarter of the early vote - way up from the 14 percent four years ago.

"The thing that drives turnout, largely, is how many contested races there are", he said.

In every campaign cycle, analysts look at the fundamentals - the political laws of gravity that - in the past - have influenced elections.

"There's a clear enthusiasm gap", he says.

While early voting is more flexible, voting on election day means you have to go to your precinct's specific location.

"There is a reason to be concerned, for sure", said Matt Mackowiack, a veteran Republican operative in Austin.