Josh Allen WINS The NFL Combine With INSANE 70-Yard Bomb

Confident Josh Rosen Here’s the type of QB Giants would be getting

But there should be some who consider it a minus for Darnold and a big plus for Rosen and Mayfield. "I think it's cool being able to grow up in a town that's pretty blue collar, that's San Clemente, then going to L.A. In New York I think I would continue to be myself, it's just the environment around me that would change, that's all".

Josh Rosen knows his rep. "You can ask anybody on that Oklahoma staff, that's what I bring to the table and it helps out". So it wouldn't be a total surprise to see the Dolphins move up to take a player that they coveted.

Darnold carried himself with slightly more humility than his peers but still said he believed he would be ready to start as a rookie, even if that meant doing it for the winless Browns.

As for the other Josh, "I think Josh Rosen (of UCLA) is the most natural thrower of the group and maybe go back to Sam Bradford before I see a quarterback that throws it as well as he does, as naturally as he does", Mayock said. "It doesn't bother me very much".

"I don't think I'm cocky", he said. If you're a 1-2 and run guy, and you, say, throw the ball 40 times a game - NFL, 30 times a game - you're giving yourself 70-80 opportunities to get the ball down the field.

B/R: You spoke on Friday about the need to get better at protecting the football. "It's not cocky, it's just confident".

The flaws of each and every one of the quarterback prospects in the 2018 National Football League draft will be scrutinized to the hilt from now until all 32 teams set their final draft board.

But the truth is that his father's decidedly non-Hollywood approach has created the blueprint Allen has followed during the hectic pre-draft process.

But his size (6-foot-4, 218) arm talent, offensive knowledge and tidy mechanics all place him in the conversation to be the first quarterback drafted in April. It all stems from the fact that his actual play on the field and his college statistics don't seem to warrant an early selection - let alone, consideration - for the No. 1 pick. Rosen drew comparisons to no less than Aaron Rodgers with his display of intelligence and football acumen during interview sessions - media and otherwise - in Indianapolis.

Allen said Friday he hadn't formally met with any teams but that he had nine scheduled for that evening. You have to own your mistakes. But he has consistently flashed a power arm, including at the Senior Bowl practices in January. But he's going to have to get grown men to buy into him as their leader. He also said he'd be comfortable with sitting behind a veteran if that's what it comes to. If the Browns (somehow) fail to sign a veteran, expect them to likely stray away from Allen, and choose a more "prototypical" quarterback prospect. "It was a really good eye-opener for me, and I'm super pumped that I got to see a year ago what was going to happen and kind of seeing it through now".