Samsung S9 Review and Price in Kenya

Galaxy S9 Plus Preorder Begin

With a cheaper price tag and higher resolution display, the Samsung Galaxy S9 looks to be the victor of the two on paper. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are to go on sale on March 16 globally, and the company will likely follow a similar date for the Indian market. All this has pleased the experts, to evaluate the phone.In addition to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9+, the highest ratings GLOMO Awards won and many other products of the South Korean Corporation. As you'd expect, there is a reduction in fine detail as the camera has to increase sensitivity and/or use multi-frame stacking technology to adapt to lower light levels, but the S9 Plus keeps an excellent balance between noise and detail across all light levels.

The larger iPhone with a screen size of close to 6.5-inches and come in the chassis size of the iPhone 8 Plus.

We haven't been able to stress-test the Galaxy S8 Plus in the first few days of use for a proper full review, but can give you insight into it with first impressions.

Where you do notice a couple of changes is when you turn the phone over. There's a dual camera (12MP + 12MP) at the rear and an 8MP camera at the front.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco comes with the ability to record high-quality sound with its three microphones (the much talked about OZO), but we think that gets trumped by the stereo speakers on the S9+. It is more natural to compare the S9 Plus with the iPhone X, as these can both be considered premium devices.

The screen is an OLED with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 441ppi.

Samsung has started taking pre-orders for these latest flagship phones from their own website.

The Galaxy S9 costs £739 and can be specced in either black, blue or purple. AT&T's plans are $26.34 and $30.50 a month for 30 months. S9 has 4GB of RAM and S9+ has a 6GB of RAM. However, if you are looking for faster performance, iPhone is winning all over again.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are powered by the same processor. There is also a micro SD card slot available for expanding storage, should you need it.

Both of these phones are going to have blistering performance either way, so unless you're trying to remotely control a spaceship, you're not going to come into any issues with speed and performance. But still, it adds a fun, whimsical element to the animated emoji concept that you won't find on iPhone X. Because aren't we all exhausted of looking at singing poo?

The bigger Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a dual-rear camera, while the Galaxy S9 has a single lens at the back. However, it has a mechanical aperture like a dedicated DSLR. Samsung S9 edge over iPhone X is in the dual apertures that bring out the difference in both cases like the DRAM chip does too.