President Trump addresses gun control at CPAC

WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference

"Well-trained, gun-adept teachers and coaches, people that work in those buildings, people that were in the Marines for 20 years and retired, people in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, people that are adept with weaponry - they teach!" he pointed out.

Off the D.C. Beltway at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the GOP finally struck a balance between its Republican heritage and Trumpism.

Chamberlain added that the shift occurred shortly after former White House strategist Steve Bannon left the West Wing and was led by the embrace of Trump by moderate Republicans.

Trump was to return to the conference for the second year in a row Friday. "Tax cuts!" - and had the audience vote with their cheers. Nor of a single Democratic Party politician who is prepared to discuss liberalization of restrictive gun laws in cities and states where, like NY, the Second Amendment no longer applies at all.

After being interrupted by chants of "lock her up", Trump said, "I will say this, folks, everything that's turning out now, it's come full circle. But we're gonna get them all". Remember that. They love their students.

President Trump went a little off script.... well more like waaay off script. He said his administration is open to hearing ideas on how to improve security at schools, tackle the issue of mental health and ensure when there are warning signs to act quickly.

"I'm just really, really excited. And all I can say is hell, yeah".

In order to "take away your 2nd Amendment", two-thirds of the House and Senate would need to approve of a proposed Constitutional amendment to repeal the 2nd Amendment. "And they feel safe", said Trump. "There is nothing more freeing than telling the truth", she wrote.

Trump advised Republican voters to not get "complacent" after the 2016 presidential election and implored them to get to the polls for the 2018 midterm election.

The media types are missing the point on "The Snake", a poem that talks about a woman who takes a snake into her home and then laments that the snake bites and kills her. Trump isn't talking about all immigrants.

He also praised the recent revival of American energy production, which allow the United States to be more competitive with other countries. "I think it would be a great step to hardening these gun free zones". "These families lost their children; we lost coaches". We do, we arm everything, but we don't arm our schools. He didn't mention the shooting in Florida that took the lives of 17 people until later in his CPAC speech, when he temporarily returned to prepared remarks.

Feis said Trump's speech Friday made it clear that the "Second Amendment is number one", but that despite the poll, he didn't see it as having to pick just one, either the Second Amendment or tax cuts.

Murphy says, "I'm here to hear the White House out". "I don't look at these [as] trade-offs".

In addition to Trump's appearance on Friday, adviser Kellyanne Conway spoke to the gathering as did Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. "I don't know how they'll get's going to require breaking barriers down on all sides". "I was fully satisfied with the speech". "Besides being physically and mentally excellent and alert, he analyzes and evaluates everything..."