Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Launching in March

Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Launching in March

This report comes from Bloomberg who claims Apple is working on a number of updates for their popular wireless headphones. Instead, the general idea is to insure that they're able to survive encounters with rain and splashes of water. Until now one has to tap the little button on the AirPods to summon Siri.

Apple has some big plans for their Airpods this year.

The first model of the device used a wireless chip known as the W1, and its next version, the W2, was launched by Apple past year with the Apple Watch. But seeing as how Apple Stores aren't exactly rare, having zero presence at other retailers is unlikely to hurt Apple that much. Apple has the most convenient connecting Bluetooth earpieces thanks to the usage of the W1 chip.

AirPower is Apple's wireless charging pad; an oval-shaped surface large enough to hold your iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus, or Apple Watch and charge them.

In 2016, Apple had finally came up with a wireless version of the widely used Earpods, with the ability to seamlessly connect to Apple devices with the Built in W chip.

Apple's new charging system operates at 7.5 watts.

These reports may only apply to the USA, as they talk about AirPower being sold in Best Buy from the same date as Apple's own stores, but it's likely that the rest of the world will get it at around the same time.

Bloomberg also said Apple may delay the launch.

The AirPods, though a small device, have become a big earner for Apple, so the focus of the new pair will nearly certainly be not to rock the boat.

It's a similar story with the AirPods - despite Apple showcasing wireless charging on AirPods at the announcement, existing AirPod cases aren't Qi-enabled.

Another point worth noting is the revelation of an upgraded wireless chip. Google needs to rethink its wireless earbuds from the ground-up and focus more on creating something with the sleekness of the Pixel phones rather than the fabric-obsessed friendliness of their Home devices.