Black Panther Obsessed? How to not get fired after seeing the movie

Black Panther Obsessed? How to not get fired after seeing the movie

He came dressed for the occasion Monday night at The Esquire AMC theatre in Clayton.

Jordan has continually captured the attention of Hollywood with breakout roles in films like "Fruitvale Station", "Creed", and most recently, "Black Panther". It is a film that is so unapologetically black, so unapologetically Indigenous and so damn unapologetically African. It's easier for me, in some ways, to identify with his character because it's the place where you start.

"Black Panther" is already ruling over the worldwide box office.

Chadwick Boseman never sacrifices the power and personality of Black Panther, but, in contrast to Killmonger's bluster, he plays T'Challa as reserved and focused. It's just going to be fun to see how people respond.

"Black Panther" is the 18th movie in the Marvel Universe canon and one of the best - likely to entertain and thrill the hard-core geeks who waited breathlessly for months (years, decades) for this story to take center stage, as well as the more casual but still enthusiastic and massive global fan base for superhero movies.

The action-packed picture dives into an Afrofuturistic world, rich with African culture and ground-breaking technology all powered by the nation's valuable metal, Vibranium.

On Monday, guests were already lined up outside at 5:45 p.m. waiting to enter for the 7 p.m. screening. But the character has sparked the imaginations of many since, including the filmmaker Reginald Hudlin, the author TaNehisi Coates and Wesley Snipes, who labored for years to adapt the comic into a movie.

"It was the 1960s and Marvel decided that they needed a black superhero", Boogie D said.

Judging from the early reviews of Black Panther, this is exactly what Coogler has achieved.

Boogie proudly boasted on what set this hero apart from the others.

It's worth noting that Black Panther has built a number of suits in the comics for different circumstances and opponents.

"That's something that you always want", says Gurira, who is best known for playing Michonne on The Walking Dead. And he had the one singular black man defeat the most powerful crew - the Fantastic Four. The first one we saw, in Chadwick Boseman's debut as T'Challa in Captain America: Civil War, had numerous suit's significant features from the comics, such as extendible Vibranium claws that can cut through any metal, Vibranium pads on his boot soles and hands that allow him to climb walls, land from great heights, and tread silently, and a Vibranium microweave throughout that makes the suit bullet- and blade-proof.

In addition, costume designer Ruth E. Carter, who has worked on historical films like Selma, worked to create an incredible Afrofuturistic aesthetic. Music fans will love the original music by Kendrick Lamar. I would love this country, too.' Activists, educators and scholars from racialized communities have long raised concerns about and. Beyond everything else that makes Black Panther good, it is this true example of representation that elevates it to greatness.

But two things to note about "Black Panther:" one, the character was created in 1966 by two white guys (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), and two, it is about an African king not an African-American character. "I think it will give me motivation, every time I'm down, I'll think about 'Black Panther'". For the first time in a Marvel film, the action feels grounded. "The scenes were unbelievable". I looked at the Surma stick fighters and how the men draped the cloth around their bodies, and I was inspired by that. And we'll be able to see what all the hype is about tomorrow, February 16th. "Here's hoping that Black Panther's success will open the door, not just for nonwhite superheroes, but all kinds of projects featuring people of color". The film is rated PG-13 with a running time of 134 minutes.