Flu Season On Pace To Reach Highest Number Of Hospitalizations

Flu Season On Pace To Reach Highest Number Of Hospitalizations

County health officials declined to say where the victim lived, citing patient privacy, but did confirm it was an adult.

'On a national basis, prescriptions for Tamiflu are up more than 6 times last year's rate.

People who have not had a flu shot can still get one by contacting their health care provider, local pharmacy or county public health office. A lot of them had underlying conditions such as heart, lung or immune system problems.

For this latest study, the team of researchers looked at the information regarding the pediatric deaths due to flu that have been confirmed between time periods 2010-2011 and 2015-2016.

"Flu season is not over. I don't think we know".

Epidemiologists and virus experts don't have an explanation yet for why the flu this season has been worse than usual, Schuchat said. After that, the anti-viral medication Tamiflu doesn't work.

According to Dr. Lopez, it refers to whether the vaccine is a good match to the current flu or not.

The death of two children from the flu in Guelph has left friends and family devastated and many more wondering: How effective is the flu shot?

Traditionally, flu season peaks at Emory during the first six weeks of a new calendar year.

Health Department officials said free flu vaccines were still available at all TDH public health clinics.

"Students who have not (gotten) the flu vaccine and have not experienced influenza-like symptoms yet should consider receiving the flu vaccine", said Dr. Marshall in an email interview.

Healthy youngsters who died from their flu infections were more likely than peers who had underlying medical conditions to be younger, less vaccinated, die before hospital admission, and have shorter illness durations. "And H3N2 is known to be the most severe in terms of the symptoms and the consequences it causes for people". There are also side effects of the flu vaccine, including soreness, redness or swelling where the shot was given, body aches, and low grade fevers.

Schuchat said hospitalizations in the 55-to-64 age group and higher levels of influenza-like illness are where the records will come. So far, 66 people in the state of Georgia have died during the flu outbreak this season and about three-quarters of those deaths are patients 65 and older.

The flu season is still going strong and there's no end in sight.

Levels of pneumonia and influenza deaths are consistent with similar severe years, she said, but hospitalizations have shown no signs of leveling off yet. All four Delawareans had underlying health issues.