First Trailer For Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff 'Venom' Released

'Venom' Teaser: Tom Hardy Shouts Down His Demons As Marvel's Lethal Protector

Venom made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 in May of 1988 and, while he started as a villain, the morphing character has morphed into an anti-hero.

Check out the image of the first teaser poster for Venom (which was released on social media yesterday) when the news broke that the trailer was going to land today.

Riz Ahmed also makes a telling appearance in the teaser trailer as Carlton Drake, founding CEO of the fictional Life Corporation. All in all, it looks promising, but those who were expecting any look at Venom will be disappointed. For crying out loud it's the name of the flippin' movie! (Forget months or years of postproduction and reshoots like we've grown accustomed to with certain blockbuster movies.) I'm all aboard this Venom train. Even just a tiny frame of Venom would have sufficed. This new film recasts Venom as a "lethal protector", and has him operating outside the ongoing Spider-Man saga. "One of which was the casting of Eric freakin" Forman as Venom. While the movie exists in the Spider-Man world, the chances of us coming across the web-slinger in Venom are monumentally low. The movie won't feature Spider-Man. Additionally, we get our first look at Michelle Williams in the trailer, who (based on context clues in Hardy's voiceover) is playing Eddie's ex.

Look, I'm not saying that Sony should spoil the entire movie in the trailer. The film is still in development and this is going to be a character highly dependent on special effects, so maybe the good stuff they want to show us just isn't ready yet. There's still eight months before Venom hits theaters. Besides, we see the alien symbiote gurgling in a test tube: Why not leave the costume until, at the very least, the real trailer? The trailer left us wanting so much more. Alas, we have been cheated. Towards the end, Hardy goes berserk and begins to scream. Having quickly realized this, the folks at have re-edited the aforementioned Venom teaser (seen at the top) to now include some of Hardy's more memorable lines as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

At one point, office workers are suddenly swept from their seats by an invisible force.