Isaiah Thomas believes Cavaliers 'go separate ways' when adversity hits in games

Lakers coach Luke Walton reacts to blockbuster deal ahead of the NBA trade deadline

The Cavs were hoping he'd play himself into shape, but the plan hasn't worked out. While they made an offer to the Los Angeles [VIDEO]Clippers for DeAndre Jordan, it was nowhere near what the Clippers wanted to hear concerning their big center.

But this season has been full of discontent, locker room dysfunction, concerns about the defense, and rampant speculation about LeBron James' future.

LeBron is the end-all, be-all of a Cavaliers team pushing for its fourth straight NBA Finals appearance. The Lakers appear to be loaded with young talent and with Lebron in tow they could still make the playoffs this season.

He's made it clear he wants the team to trade for another star with the Brooklyn pick, but it's unclear if they are willing to surrender such a lofty long-term asset for a short-term solution.

While this can certainly be viewed as LeBron taking pride in the team he leads rather than leaving a team, many of which came to play with him, out to dry, it is also a power play. After their embarrassing loss to the Houston Rockets (120-88) on Saturday, one question is on everyone's mind - What is wrong with the Cavaliers? The Clippers even sent Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons last week.

Lebron's reluctance to waive his no trade clause does not take into account that the Cavs need to rebuild and nothing could be better than a super short one half year rebuild.

Because Dan Gilbert is making it sound like he doesn't care if LeBron James stays or leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron seems to have a bad taste in his mouth.

The Cavaliers and Kings started discussing a deal involving the veteran guard two weeks ago, but talks stalled because Hill was reportedly unwilling to agree to a preliminary buyout should LeBron James leave after the season. This team is 6 and 12 since Christmas, and you look at some of these- I don't have time to list all the games, but there are a lot of uglies in here.

They return to Cleveland to take on the T'Wolves tonight.

That said, with the impending free agency of LeBron James and a roster built to win now, they remain one the more compelling teams in the league leading up to the February 8 trade deadline. The good news is, they'll get another chance on Wednesday night.

At least the Cavs won those games.

Maybe when the trade deadline is nearly up, Cleveland will pull the trigger on a trade.