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South Korea put out a statement saying we believe that the North's announcement of the delegation shows its willingness to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, while Vice President Mike Pence said we're traveling to the Olympics to make sure that North Korea doesn't use the powerful symbolism and the backdrop of the Winter Olympics to paper over the truth about their regime.

However, experts say it is unlikely to have any impact on the North's nuclear ambitions.

The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, started referring to the "games of peace".

The profile of Kim Yo-Jong has been elevated since 2014 when she was appointed vice-director of the party's propaganda and agitation department, according to an October 2017 report by Geostrategy-Direct.

On his way to South Korea on Wednesday, Pence highlighted the danger posed by North Korea's weapons program, inspecting anti-missile systems in Alaska and Japan.

NBC's primetime coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics begins on February 8, 2018, with the Opening Ceremony to follow on February 9, 2018. In 2012, his son and successor, Kim Jong Un, formed the Moranbong Band, which features women in short skirts performing with foreign instruments - a decided break from tradition.

"Therefore we have to to have some kind of low expectation - maybe freezing North Korean nuclear and missile activities would be the most important step". "So I mean this is a good opportunity to all of the world", said one South Korean resident.

Tourists can gawk at bullet holes that still mark the site where a North Korean soldier dramatically defected across the border at the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Panmunjom in November, under fire from his former comrades.

The North's participation has been seen as a thawing of bilateral ties. He also said Washington may see Kim Yo Jong as an avenue to deliver messages to Kim Jong Un. But North Korea continues to keep observers in suspense as they have not yet announced the other three top-level delegates that will be joining Kim Yong Nam, leaving open the possibility of sending Choe Ryong Hae or Kim Yo Jong. Even when Kim Jong Un was studying overseas in Switzerland, I think she was attending elementary school there, too.

North Korea said the delegation will also include Choe Hwi, chairman of the country's National Sports Guidance Committee, and Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the North's agency that deals with inter-Korean affairs. They had a half brother, Kim Jong Nam, who was murdered past year at a Malaysian airport.

She was promoted to the country's Politburo, the senior body of North Korea's communist party, as an alternate member a year ago.

The two Koreas have been divided since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

A group of 280 North Koreans arrived in South Korea on Wednesday to support athletes from the two sides at the Games. "This raises worries that North Korea likely intends to use this Olympics as a propaganda tool, rather than a possible opening to meaningful dialogue with South Korea".

The South allowed the North's Mangyongbong-92 ferry to enter one of its ports Tuesday as an "exception" to unilateral sanctions, and is considering providing meals and fuel to the vessel, which Japanese authorities have suspected of being involved in smuggling and has been banned from Japan. More than 150,000 South Koreans applied for the 1,060 free tickets to the Samjiyon Orchestra's performances in Gangneung and Seoul.

"We will also ensure that the United Nations resolutions and ship-related USA sanctions are not in conflict", said Baik.