Nick Foles' wife and baby girl help celebrate Super Bowl win

Nick Foles' wife and baby girl help celebrate Super Bowl win

Traditionally, the winning team makes a celebratory visit to the White House.

For Patriots fans this is much of the same, a close heart attacks Super Bowl against an opponent that forces QB Tom Brady to attempt another hall of fame worthy comeback. (EPA/Bastiaan Slabbers) Fans celebrate the Philadelphia Superbowl LII victory over the New England Patriots in Philadelphia.

Tom Brady fumbled a catch during the Super Bowl - and Twitter users were quick to mock the quarterback using an infamous remark made by his wife.

For a while, it looked as if the Patriots would go against the trend on Sunday.

After an 8-yard pass to Rob Gronkowski on first down, Brady dropped back.

He threw for over 500 yards, but this was not enough to beat the Philly Eagles. With Patriots receivers keeping him busy, Graham finished second on the Philadelphia defense with five individual tackles and added three assists.

The Patriots entered the game with 159-15 record, including a ideal 16-0 in the playoffs, when they had won the turnover battle. Oh, sure, there was the mid-December injury to rising star Carson Wentz, with Foles stepping in and stepping up. He accounted for 1,082 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in his first season with Brady, a milestone considering all the other talented receivers who have come in and failed to adjust to the Patriot Way.

It was a great season and there is a lot of promise ahead, but this was just not their night. Only two other quarterbacks in history had a higher completion percentage in a single postseason (minimum of 75 attempts): Joe Montana and Troy Aikman. I kept cringing with all those unexpected Tide mentions, anxious that a bad joke about eating a Tide pod was around every corner.

Stephen Gostkowski had an off night as well, as he missed an early field goal attempt and one of his four extra-point tries.

When Parks asked her mother to go to the game, her mother said no because they could not afford tickets. With Brady poised to lead one of his memorable comebacks, Brandon Graham knocked the ball out of his hand for a fumble that rookie Derek Barnett recovered with 2:09 to play.

Trump has been engaged in a feud with the NFL all year over players kneeling in protest during the national anthem.

'My husband can not f****** throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time, ' she had said after the game. There is really nothing to fault about this season as things went about as well for the New England Patriots without being flawless as they possibly could have.

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