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U.S. President Donald Trump

First lady Melania Trump and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley wore two-piece, off-white outfits.

But there wasn't much new policy in the speech. It was false hope.

His speech was moving.

He said that Americans don't want a president who is "compulsively dishonest" or a "bully". In the same survey, 67 percent of Americans said the country was more divided because of Trump.

He said that Fiat Chrysler has decided to move a plant from Mexico to Michigan, and he mentioned plans by Toyota and Mazda for a new plant in Alabama. Trump singled them out for recognition, and called, as expected, for further pressure on the North Korean regime and an increase in America's nuclear arsenal.

President Trump wouldn't be his true self if he didn't take a jab at someone he disagreed with. Toyota opened its Mississippi factory in 2011. Trump has presided over a continuation of a trend, which started in 2010, in which the rate has declined about 1 percentage point a year.

At the same time, as of a few months ago, our warriors in Afghanistan have new rules of engagement.

In his State of the Union Speech, Trump said bringing drug prices down was one of his top priorities.

Top Hawaii Democrats interpreted the State of the Union differently. The people built this country. He began his speech with stories of American heroes and ended with those of the American people.

Immigration is on everyone's mind since the next federal government funding deadline is February 8. "To conflate MS-13 gang activity with our goals on immigration is just unfair", Durbin told reporters as he walked across the Capitol to his office after the speech. Meanwhile, the rising solar-energy industry is facing new challenges due to Trump's tariff policy.

A 10- to 12-year path to citizenship for about 1.8 million Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals-eligible illegal immigrants.

In exchange, he seeks $25 billion funding for border security measures.

But Mr Trump really seemed to be enjoying himself - from the obedient applause of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to the increasingly sour puss of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

He also wants to implement a merit-based immigration system.

"Our nation has lost its wealth, but we're getting it back so fast. We will continue our fight until ISIS is defeated", he said.

Peck "bounded into the booby-trapped building and found Kenton in bad shape", the president said. It might work on taxes - and Democrats need to find some better messaging for people who are perceiving a material improvement in their financial circumstances, instead of.

He has taken some heat from his base with this proposal.

Russia, the country that tampered with the 2016 presidential election and is the subject of several major investigations? America is coming back, bigger, stronger, greater than ever and the rest of the world is on notice... Leo came to America when he was ten. Following his speech, Democrats suggested Trump made an empty promise, failing to specify how to pay for an infrastructure plan.

The porn star was questioned anew about the reports as a guest given star billing Tuesday on late night ABC talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" He pledged to honor Otto's memory "with total American resolve". The president didnt toot his own horn alot and kept to the message he wanted to convey. The impacts of one of the administration's most consequential decisions, the Section 201 solar tariffs, still remain somewhat uncertain. In a tweet, the Environmental Defense Fund's Felice Stadler said "that's not anything to clap about".

Trump said he would like a compromise over a plan to rebuild old roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Stay safe and Trump-free, people!

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