White House to release 'legal framework' for immigration Monday

Sen. Schumer I offered Trump his wall

Initial reaction fell squarely along partisan lines. "They have taken immigrant youth hostage, pitting us against our own parents, Black immigrants and our communities in exchange for our dignity".

The framework also eliminates the visa lottery and curbs US migration by extended families, a fundamental change to existing immigration policy. Start with Democrats. How - what's the reaction been there?

White House press secretary said there's no agreement on the table right now that brings all sides into the conversation, and 's plan will correct that. "We get paralysis", Mr. Schumer said.

The most positive notes came from members of both parties who have been trying to broker an immigration deal. For the first time, Wednesday the president signaled he's open to giving some of them a path to citizenship after 10-12 years in the U.S.

Mr Trump announced previous year that he was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme, which provided opportunity for immigrants who came to the U.S. when they were young to register with the federal government for work permits and to go to school.

Trump asked Kelly to forge a deal, while speaking to reporters at the White House last night. Republicans shouldn't be tough to get. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., one of the Senate's leading advocates for immigration restrictions. Moderate Republican Susan Collins called them "a good sign", and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the comments could be "a breakthrough".

"He knows very well by sitting in front of these families and holding their hands and speaking with them how our justice system mishandled cases and this violent illegal alien was released back into the community", Ms. Espinoza told The Washington Times.

What is Trump's plan for Daca? "DACA has been made increasingly hard by the fact that Cryin' Chuck Schumer took such a beating over the shutdown that he is unable to act on immigration!" he wrote. "And ultimately we will remain vigilant and await the details of what the White House sends to the Senate on Monday to ensure that no money goes to enhancing the deportation machinery of DREAMers and their families, and that DREAMers do not become second class citizens through this process or be forced to make impossible choices between their future or that of their families".

"This is the president's position".

The compromise that ended the government shutdown Monday included assurances that immigration reform would be addressed.

"We have yet to receive so much as a fact sheet", Marter wrote.

The biggest problem any Trump plan could face is with hardcore conservatives. 'I'm especially glad it outlines a path to citizenship. Ted Cruz told reporters. Ted Cruz. "Doing so is inconsistent with the promises we made to the men and women who elected us".

The plan would provide an eventual path to citizenship for approximately 1.8 million individuals now living illegally in the country.

The White House described the offer to more than double the number of Dreamers who would be protected from deportation as a major concession aimed at attracting enough votes for an immigration deal from Democrats.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar said "it was certainly helpful" that Trump supported a path to citizenship for Dreamers.