Flu cases top 40 in county so far this season

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"Patients having a doubt over what their symptoms may mean, contact their health care professional and get some advice as to what the next step may be", said Dr. Morledge.

The study was based on almost 20,000 adult cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza infection in Ontario, Canada from 2009 to 2014. State health officials say flu activity in CT continues to increase. Minnesota's ILI activity was listed as moderate.

According to the CDC, the proportion of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness at the national level is 5.8 percent, which is above the national baseline of 2.2 percent.

Two men in their 80s, a woman in her 70s and another woman in her 80s, all with underlying conditions, are the latest to die of the flu, officials with the city's Department of Public Health said in a news release. There has been one flu related death in the county. "For the most part the flu is sudden onset", said Dr. Morledge.

The Jonesboro Family Pet Hospital took on a mandatory approach to keep the "dog flu" out of its facility.

Last week the CDC announced the entire continental US has demonstrated widespread flu activity as of Saturday, Jan. 6. That was from the southern hemisphere", he said, "it looks like we're doing a little better here. Long. "The flu shot isn't a live vaccine and can't make you sick - it does stimulate your immune response so you can feel exhausted, achy, or have a mild fever, but it's not the flu".

Even if the vaccine doesn't prevent a person from contracting a specific flu strain, it does lessen the severity of the symptoms and can help avoid hospitalization.

Influenza, or the flu, is a contagious viral illness that can cause headaches, fever, chills, fatigue, coughing, runny nose and sore throat, according to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. MDH recommends the flu vaccination for everyone six months and older.

"Some kids do get sicker kids who are most likely to get sicker with influenza are kids who have asthma or chronic repertory diseases or heart diseases", said St Germain.