White House doctor: Trump is medically fit to serve

President Donald Trump shakes hands with White House Physician Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson following his annual physical at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland

Bennett's Jackson then said that it was in his "expert medical opinion" that the President has "a rockin' bod with a ideal amount of cushion for the pushing".

He also said Trump took Crestor, a cholesterol lowering statin; a low dose of aspirin to prevent heart attacks; antibiotics to treat skin rosacea; and Propecia for baldness. Called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, it is created to detect early signs of memory loss and other neurologic functions - and Trump had a flawless score, the doctor said.

Trump and his doctor discussed his diet and exercise during last week's physical and set a goal of losing 10-15 pounds.

That said, Trump's BMI, 29.9, indicates he is not only overweight, but nearly clinically obese, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Though his predecessors often arrived in the Oval Office by 9 a.m., Trump prefers to start his day where he feels the most comfortable and unfettered - inside of the private residence.

Indeed, the medical information has become the source of a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory, similar to one that plagued Mr Trump's predecessor.

"There's no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues", Jackson told reporters at a White House press briefing.

CNN left out crucial details on Wednesday while advancing a narrative in which President Trump's heart health is of serious concern.

At 6-foot-3 and 239 pounds, the 71-year-old president had a blood pressure reading of 122/74 and a resting heart rate of 68 beats per minutes.

President Donald Trump's doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, characterized the president's health as "excellent", but like the majority of Americans, Trump is overweight and he doesn't get enough exercise.

"There's no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues", Jackson said.

How did Donald Trump do on his physical exam? The only medications he is now taking are Propecia for male hair loss, one for Rosacea and a multivitamin, Jackson also confirmed.

Jackson describes Trump as "very sharp" and "very articulate when he speaks to me".

President Trump, speaking on November 14, 2017. He gets exercise by playing golf, he said, even though he typically rides around the course in a golf cart. That's despite his fast food habit which was ridiculed in the wake of the publication of Michael Wolff's book 'Fire and Fury, ' which claimed Trump enjoys occasional Big Mac dinners in bed.

Jackson - who also oversaw former President Barack Obama's checkups beginning in 2013 - in particular praised Trump's cardiac health.

HuffPost Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen, whose site refused to cover Trump in the political section for the early stages of his campaign, wrote, "I'm not a doctor but this seems like a stretch?"