BGSU students take part in service projects for MLK Day

BGSU students take part in service projects for MLK Day

Kim McDowall, a first-grade teacher at Four Rivers Community School, spoke to a classroom full of her students on Thursday during an activity created to teach about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and morals that he stood for before his assassination in 1968. "So this one right here was a really bad one, out of many that he's said since his presidency, but this one was a big one".

"I hope the students have the awareness that it wasn't always this way", McDowall said, speaking of the integrated classrooms and improved relations amongst students of different ethnicities. It's all of us.

Being that yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr.

In Atlanta, King's daughter, the Rev. Bernice King, told hundreds of people who packed the pews of the Ebenezer Baptist Church where her father once preached that they "cannot allow the nations of the world to embrace the words that come from our president as a reflection of the true spirit of America". Day serves as an annual call to examine the state of things across the nation. "We're challenging you to know Dr. King for yourself".

Other marchers held signs saying, "I am a man", and "Stand for something or you will fall for anything".

Mayor Richard Boss said he was honored once again to be marching a second time and was glad to see so many people this year.

"We have to make up our minds that if we don't come together, we won't be together when the enemy comes to divide us". "We love lying in this country, but when are we going to start telling the truth that we do in fact have work to do?"

"I'm glad many people have learned how to deal with their issues and problems in a non-violent way".

Raymond Wise, the director of the IU African American Choral Ensemble, said the songs were chosen because they fit King's message of determination.

"Ricky Byrdsong was murdered in front of his children because of hate and his community successfully began a non-violent protest to improve humanity", Hanna said. Many said they agree that while much progress has been made, there is more work to do. "We tend to get into our own routines and we don't think about other people that might not be as fortunate", Volunteer Bill Gilbert said. Like Green, McLean said King's efforts resonate with her today.

"Martin Luther King Jr. was the greatest our society has ever produced", Washington said. Dr. King would be devastated today. Jett said there was "nowhere else he'd rather be", even on a Monday that was a day off from school.

The Benedict College gospel and concert choirs then sang songs along with the crowd, that promoted unity and acceptance.

"Honoring MLK's legacy and just supporting the community around us and making it a better place", Ray Berling, a student at the university, described.