Tonya Harding's mother trashed her "liar" daughter in a rare interview

Tonya Harding is seen here skating as a young girl at the Lloyd Center in Portland Oregon in 1974

Taffy Brodesser-Akner wrote in the profile, before quoting Harding: "You all disrespected me and it hurt". According to Rosenberg, Harding demanded that reporters sign an affidavit stating that they wouldn't ask her anything "about the past" or they'd be fined.

"Maybe it suits you to play the victim, but I think the victim in all this wasn't you but Nancy Kerrigan who had her Olympic dream shattered, quite literally, in her legs" he said.

With her head against my chest, I leaned down and hugged her. "She's a different person than she was back then", Teachman said.

"She's lied so much she doesn't know what isn't a lie anymore", said Golden.

The big arthouse opening last weekend, and one of the reasons the Broadway was seeing so much business, was "I, Tonya", director Craig Gillespie's acid-tongued satirical comedy chronicling the career of Olympic skater and tabloid sensation Tonya Harding. Unlike her competitors, Harding and her family couldn't afford the nicest outfits and makeup money could buy. First, they showed a pic of Harding and her current husband, Joe Price, and the couple was wearing clothes featuring blaze-orange camo accents.

The film's alleged insensitivity isn't the only thing that's being questioned. "Tonya herself called us trailer trash". We often forget that there's a human being behind those old Saturday Night Live and David Letterman jokes, someone who likely never could have had a fair shake in life. "We had a lovely new trailer", Golden said. We both have wonderful lives. "How would you describe your mom as a mother?"

"Sure. Why not?" Harding said.

She said: "I don't think [the numb arm] was connected to the skating". In the case of "I, Tonya", it's Gillooly (played by Sebastian Stan) and the idiots he paid to rattle Kerrigan, idiots who took the plan too far. Her mother, LaVona "Sandy" Golden, is also portrayed in the movie. Kerrigan has been open about suffering multiple miscarriages in the time between having Matthew and Brian, which she revealed while appearing on Dancing With The Stars. Golden denied the drinking claims as well, saying she would drink coffee with brandy flavoring. I was loved for a minute. She was also banned for life by the U.S. Figure Skating Figure Skating Association. She is married to her husband of seven years and has a son. I've got my life.

I, Tonya presents Harding and Kerrigan as friendly rivals, noting that the two skaters were even roommates at one point. In an interview with the Boston Globe (via The Wrap), Kerrigan says she hasn't seen the movie nor is in any hurry to, adding, "I really have nothing to say about it". She wants to make amends.

Golden said it wasn't actually alcohol.

The disgraced figure skater - who in 1994 was front-and-center when her follow skater, Nancy Kerrigan, was attacked after a practice at the US Figure Skating Championships by an assailant hired by Harding's ex-husband -doesn't want to talk about her past.