NM Dept. of Health: Flu cases double up in New Mexico

NM Dept. of Health: Flu cases double up in New Mexico

And this year is no exception.

Officials said a particular strain has been detected that can have severe effects on those with weaker immune systems.

However, Murti said those figures are an underestimate of the actual number of cases, as most people don't seek medical attention for flu and, therefore, aren't tested. The country had more than 233,400 confirmed cases of the flu, which was more than double the number of cases it saw the year before, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr. Skelton says, "This current virus looks to be providing more gastrointestinal and upper respiratory symptoms, both of which the flu can do as well, so it is a little bit hard to distinguish the difference for health care professionals, and so we do rely somewhat on the flu test".

"Japanese flu" is a B strain of flu, so less aggressive than "Aussie flu" or swine flu, which are both A strains.

The "Aussie flu" is just a fancy name for H3N2, a serious flu strain we've seen before.

. And three children in Tennessee have died of flu so far this month. "If you've got a cold or a runny nose or running a little fever or feel achy, please don't come visit your loved on or your friend at the hospital", said Dr. Charles. If coughing, wear a mask to the doctor's office, health officials said.

Bhide said many people are catching the flu in public, on airplanes, at gyms, and movie theaters. So, a rash of new cases is usually followed weeks later by a rash of deaths. While it is not 100 percent effective against the flu, the vaccine still reduces the severity of the illness.

The good news is that there's a vaccine! .

According to a release from the Moose Factory Health Centre, several other people are exhibiting flu-like symptoms but have not been swabbed yet.

While this year's vaccine is not believed to be as effective as the World Health Organization would like, with effectiveness being perhaps as low as 10 to 20 percent, the benefits of receiving the vaccine are still many, experts say. Everyone six months of age and up is recommended to get a flu shot.

Prevention is the best medicine. "We know we're getting somewhere within the peak, but we don't know how much longer it will last".

Influenza vaccines are still available in Solano County and it is not too late to get vaccinated.

This year's strand of the flu is undoubtedly strong but you can decrease your chance of getting the flu by 40 to 60 percent by getting immunized; immunization also aids in recovery.

Aja C. Holmes planned to go to work last week, but her flu symptoms - a cough, fever and severe body aches that worsened overnight - had other ideas.