'Japanese Flu' which affects children most has spread to UK

Colchester-East Hants Regional Hospital

Some scientists even fear H3N2 could also prove as deadly to humanity as the Hong Kong flu in 1968 when one million people died.

A spokesman for Riverside Health System did not respond to multiple requests for comment, however, Riverside is offering free flu vaccinations for people 14-years-old and older on a first come, first served basis while vaccine supplies last, according to its website.

During Dec. 24 to 30 a total of 4,862 laboratory-positive influenza cases (4,065 Influenza A, 744 Influenza B, and 53 untyped) were reported by DHSS.

Those eligible include young children, people over 65, pregnant women and those working in the health service.

No intensive care patients have been reported to the department this flu season, but Ms. Hill said she knows the flu is widespread this year.

It's not clear whether they had received the flu shot or if there were other health conditions that contributed to their deaths, Huang said.

Roughly 270,000 people took advantage of the free flu shot, 20,000 less than previous year.

Janet Hill, of the Rock Island County Health Department said that in IL, flu cases don't have to be reported to health departments, unless someone is in intensive care because of the flu. This had been predicted but it's more virulent and the flu vaccine gives you some protection but not always complete protection.

With El Paso County reporting almost a tripling in flu cases compared to a year ago, Immunize El Paso is stepping up efforts to ensure borderland residents get protected.

While there are no official figures documenting the exact number of deaths it is thought that between 20 million and 50 million lives were lost.

Doctors haven't escaped the virus, either.

Prof Dingwall said: "The jab is not as effective because it is a new strain of flu".

"All indications show that we are in the midst of the most intense weeks of flu season", said Ganesh Shivamaiyer, DCHHS interim director.

Through small droplets from people who are talking, coughing or sneezing. In the 2013-2014 season, there were only 1,540 hospitalizations and nearly the same exact number in the 2015-2015 season at 1,541.

People can go to https:/ to find sites that offer vaccinations.

Baylor College of Medicine physician assistant, Isabel Valdez, said a healthy practice to avoid the flu is good, long hand-washing, but the best prevention is the flu vaccine no matter what some reports may say about its effectiveness.

Chen tells FOX 12 that in order to avoid overcrowding, patients should call their doctors as soon as they get flu-like symptoms.