Expect To Spend More Green On Christmas Trees This Year

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At least four Christmas tree farms are open for the season or will open soon in Vigo and surrounding counties. There are just fewer Christmas trees available. "It was a marker a gal had put on a tree that said, "This is the tree I want" but we never could find that tree".

Because some trees can take several years to reach maturity, we're just starting to see the consequences. "I've done this since I was a little kid. I wouldn't be scared to buy one before Thanksgiving", the spokesman added.

The farm is a cut-your-own business and Kurtz provides saws, although he does go out and cut trees for his senior customers who can't manage it on their own.

Normally Tooele residents Julie Vario and her husband, Pat, would spend this week hectically preparing fresh-cut conifers from OR for sale at their family-run Christmas tree lot in Tooele County.

It's because there's going to be a shortage due to farmers not having a good harvest. She was left frustrated past year by a stand that she later determined must have been too small for the tree, which fell over three times. The Burlington County farm was named champion tree grower for its Douglas fir presented at an annual contest over the summer. "Nobody sells every tree they have on their farm". She said their mountain supplier is fully stocked and they receive a new delivery once a week.

Departments of Agriculture officials said the Christmas tree has "grown significantly in recent years" and in CT, the business contributes about $10 million to the local economy. Elliott finally found some trees but it hit him where it hurt.

"I don't want that happening again", she said. I was flabbergasted. I might have to get out of this business. "If there is a shortage, maybe I will sell more", he said.

A tradition his father started more than 50 years ago, that he hopes will keep customers coming back.

"If you're paying twice as much for the tree, you'd have to resort to buying the fake tree, probably".