Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Direct Recap

An Animal Crossing mobile game reveal is coming on Wednesday

Fan responses are split between those folks who are grateful for any chance to see sinister mortgage mammal Tom Nook again, while others are anxious what part microtransactions will play in the game. Frankly, we were kinda surprised why they pushed the launch of the game back given that a game based on Animal Crossing could be one of Nintendo's best on mobile.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launches on iOS and Android in late November, 2017. Leaf Tickets - which can be earned in-game, or purchased with real money - are used to gain materials, or increase the speed it takes to build an campsite amenities such as pools and merry-go-rounds. If you add someone to your friends list in the game you can return to visit them any time, no player ID required again.

Nintendo has also been clear in stating that the stream will focus exclusively on Animal Crossing mobile and will NOT have any information relating to future Animal Crossing games for Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch. Consequently, Pocket Camp is going to be a free-to-download title with plenty of opportunities to spend real world cash on things that you'd likely just be spending bells on if the game was on a console. When you use one, you can visit someone else and buy items from their Market Box, visit their campsite, make friends with them, or give them kudos.

You can travel between hot spots on the map via your camper, which should make getting around and chatting with the campers you're hanging with a breeze.

Nintendo has shown off its latest game for iPhone and Android handsets, following in the tracks of Super Mario Run and Miitomo.

This Direct will also not be including any news on the game's Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch versions.

You can have other camp managers including your friends visit your camp site so you can trade with them. You can use Leaf Tickets to get Cyrus to build things quicker.

"The IP is often underestimated, but chances are Animal Crossing on mobile can become a big hit", said Serkan Toto, founder of consultant Kantan Games Inc. As for how the game will play and which of the elements of the main series it will carry over, we'll have to wait and find out during the Nintendo Direct stream tonight.