NRA says 'additional regulations' are required on rapid-fire devices

The man thought to be the gunman Stephen Paddock

"It's a very sad day", Trump said outside of the White House before boarding Marine One.

The National Rifle Association announced its support Ton Oct. 5 for regulating the devices that can effectively convert semi-automatic rifles into fully automated weapons and that were apparently used in the Las Vegas massacre to lethal effect.

The gun attachment that mimics automatic gunfire is a little-known device called a "bump stock" that was not widely sold.

Democrats, meanwhile, have argued that Congress should legislate on the gun accessories. She authored an assault weapons ban that was in place for a decade before expiring in 2004, and said she had been considering trying to reintroduce that more sweeping legislation, as she's done unsuccessfully after past mass shootings, including the one at Sandy Hook elementary school in CT.

Stephen Paddock put cameras inside and outside his hotel room.

But there's ample reason to think there's no reason for gun-control forces to celebrate a rare victory.

As is the case after every mass shooting, both sides of the gun debate ran to their ideological corners, reciting their well-traveled talking points.

Then there's the matter of what will likely happen as a outcome of consensus.

Bump-fire stocks, also called bump-stocks and slide-fire adapters, allow semi-automatic rifles to fire at a high rate, similar to a machine gun. The NRA's carefully crafted statements point toward possible regulations without an actual endorsement of any.

In a statement on Thursday, the NRA said the devices "should be subject to additional regulations".

"We need to make sure people feel safe when they come to Nevada", Segerblom said.

Since Sunday night's attack that left 58 people dead and scores more wounded, search interest for "gun control" has maintained its dominance over "gun shop" in almost every state accept Kentucky.

Buying guns in the far too easy.

There was no explosion or fire from the two rounds, one of which penetrated the tank, as jet fuel in storage is nearly impossible to ignite with gunshots, airport officials said on Friday.

Better for them to talk about the issue when no-one cares about it.

Those bills are now shelved indefinitely.

An expanded background check bill passed the Legislature that year, but was vetoed by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Following the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting in which a mentally ill student shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17, the NRA worked with gun-control advocates to fund a bill created to improve record keeping so that people with mental illnesses were unable to purchase a firearm. The Las Vegas shooter has been described as a quiet millionaire with no criminal record who just suddenly lost the plot. As its price, it wants national "reciprocity legislation", that would require all states - no matter how strict their gun laws - to honor concealed-carry permits issued by other states, no matter how lax their laws.

And there they have had some success. Advocates are confident the trend is in their favor. Here are four common arguments against any kind of gun control. In Germany, where gun sales are tightly controlled, roughly one person in a hundred thousand dies each year from gunshot wounds, according to, a research organization based at the University of Sydney.

Maryland lawmakers are this time visibly in agreement on a normally heated and divisive topic of gun regulation. The NRA, which backed Trump with $50 million in last year's election, for years has resisted any new limitations as a slippery first step toward broader restrictions.