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Google Pixelbook features leaked ahead of launch, Home Mini speaker listed online

At Pixel 2 event, Google launched the second Home device named Home Max. It's a smaller Home device that costs only $49. At $49, the price is virtually the same as the Home Mini's closest competitor, Amazon's Echo Dot.

All Google Home products now use Voice Match, which uses different voice factors to bring personal help to each individual member of the house. You can already say "Hey Google, good morning" to hear about your day, including your personalized schedule, commute time, the weather and news. It has a touch bar on the top for controlling volume. Further, the smart speaker comes with Google Assistant and the company has added everyday routines to it. Mini will come available on October 19th. "Parents are gonna love this feature", said Google Home lead Rishi Chandra.

The tiny little device isn't design to play music.

If you're anxious about your child asking Google Home about sensitive topics, these devices now support Family Link accounts; control their access in the Google app.

Google also talked up some of the kid-focused features for Google Home.

Not only has the Max got the same rectangular shape as the Play:3, like the Sonos speaker it adapts its sound output depending on whether it is placed vertically or horizontally. Like most of Google's products, it's created to learn your habits to adjust its sound profiles based on usage or time of day. Google also retained the Home's original button for disabling the microphone with a toggle next to the charging port. This will be available in December 2017 for $399 and will be available in two colours. It includes a free 12-month subscription to YouTube Red. Google is doubling down on bass, while Apple is just being Apple and saying it's awesome. Users can simply tap on the earbud to trigger the Google Assistant or change the track.

What are your thoughts on Google's news? Google Clips Google Clips is a lightweight, hands-free camera. While iOS users will get a call from Google if their handset is set on silent. The device and the corresponding app has a shutter button for an easy click. The images saved can be viewed in the connected account's Google Photos platform. The device costs United States $ 399 in the US.