Two Canadians Are Among Those Killed In The Las Vegas Shooting

Jordan McIldoon 23 of Maple Ridge B.C. was among those killed when a gunman opened fire on an outdoor concert Sunday in Las Vegas his parents confirmed

Jordan's parents were also grateful to everyone who helped. Gooze called Amber immediately.

Harrison said they eventually decided to make a run for it. "We just don't know what to do".

"They were there just to have a good time and to enjoy a concert". "Go help somebody else.'" Someone draped a T-shirt over the man's face.

Then the phone rang again.

All the while, she kept in touch with McIldoon's mother and girlfriend.

The west Edmonton restaurant worker, who grew up in Jasper, Alta., had made attending the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas a tradition. This was Gooze's second year landing a highly-coveted bartending job at the House of Blues, one of the main bars right off the main stage. "It's a really good, fun event with unbelievable artists". The weather is fantastic.

Melton was watching country music star Jason Aldean with his wife when Paddock fatally shot him in the back.

Outside of work, Ms. Roe and her husband were busy raising two boys and involved with the local hockey community.

She said that Roe was a dynamic, outgoing and handsome person whose strongest quality was that she was an fantastic mother to her children. Another group carried someone on a barricade gate as a stretcher. "They were literally climbing on top of each other". She gathered information on the man she had tried to comfort. Instead she stayed, holding a stranger's hand as he died. That man's name was Chris. "I was just thinking about my kids and my family and I was just so scared".

"She was in lockdown and I told her I was with Jordan", Gooze remembers through sobs.

Ms Gothard said her brother died after he was shot in the neck. "I know you will always be looking down and watching over her to protect her just the same as you did when you (were) by her side", Cole wrote on Facebook. She didn't answer texts or Facebook messages, he said. She added, "He's the love of my life".

"Truly at a loss of words, you will be greatly missed Calla, thank you for always making me feel welcome and always having a positive attitude". Thinking of the Roe & Smith families and keeping them close to our hearts during this extremely hard time. Gooze spoke to her by phone.

"I wouldn't leave him or go anywhere until I could make sure that they knew where he was and what was going on", she recalls.

"We called his mom". She asked me to be honest and to tell her.

Later on Tuesday morning, reports came in that she was found dead.

"I just panicked and looked for anybody who could help me and I had my friend use his belt as like a tourniquet and cut off the blood", he said. I was holding his hand. I said, 'I promise you, I swear to you, that I will not leave him.

His parents, Alan and Angela McIldoon, are expected to return to Maple Ridge today with the body of their son. "She confirmed that this was her son and. confirmed he was with Amber, his longterm girlfriend".

According to Huffington Post, McIldon would have celebrated his 24th birthday on Friday, October 6. "They were literally climbing on top of each other", she told People. I told her he did not make it.