Amazon Doubles Down on Alexa With New Devices

Amazon Echo Plus contains a home hub to connect to smart devices and costs £139.99

The company made the hardware announcement at an event in Seattle. They are multiplying like rabbits.

Echo also added a new member to the Echo family - Echo Spot, which is a combination of the small Echo Dot and visual Echo Show. The new, upgraded device was announced September 27, 2017 and is smaller in size.

Amazon released the second-generation Echo Wednesday, which provides the first major upgrade to the device since it was introduced nearly three years ago. We outline what it is and when you can buy one.

Amazon also announced Echo Buttons, which are Bluetooth connected smart buttons you can use to control smart home devices or game accessories. Amazon showed off a demo where the Plus was told to search for smart home gadgets, found them, and automatically set up everything. Recent price drops for the original Echo have led to assumptions that there's a new Echo in the pipeline.

Inter-connectivity among Echo devices with smart home groups has also been enhanced, helping Alexa pinpoint commands based on the location of the user.

The new Echo is half the size of the original and is only $99 Dollars.

Amazon Echo also showed Spot - smart alarm clock with round 2.5-inch screen and with function of video.

The new Echo is about two-thirds the height of its predecessor and comes in six different mesh, wood, and brushed metal exterior designs. Presumably, this means that companies will be able to use the Echo as a proper conference-calling and speakerphone solution, making it a much more attractive proposition.

In the USA the Echo Spot costs $129.99. The device will be available today for pre-order, and will ship on October 31.

The new Fire TV box is small in size than previous models, and it can even support a video in 4K and HDR.

No surprise, Amazon's new Echo lineup will be out ahead of Apple's HomePod which ships in December.

The Amazon Echo Spot was one of the more surprising reveals at Amazon's big Echo event, which saw a new redesigned Amazon Echo, a supercharged Amazon Echo Plus and the Amazon Show coming to the UK. What we do know is that it'll launch priced at $130 (£97) in the USA but will make its way to the United Kingdom in 2018.