Dwyane Wade makes sense for Thunder after trade for Carmelo Anthony

Dwyane Wade makes sense for Thunder after trade for Carmelo Anthony

Alex Kennedy reports Carmelo Anthony and Paul George have reached out to Wade about playing for the Thunder.

Now? It's what he is.

That question was answered by Thunder head coach Billy Donovan. Just in the last three months, they've dealt for four-time All-Star Paul George before dealing for longtime star Carmelo Anthony over the weekend.

There is no doubt that on the basketball court, Porzingis will be the driving force behind whatever success the Knicks have. And this blueprint does not hinge on the idealistic notion that Carmelo Anthony will completely evolve into "Olympic Melo". As a 19-year-old in Denver, Anthony played with a frontcourt of Marcus Camby at center and Nene at power forward.

Anthony is one of the league's most prolific scorers, averaging 24.8 points per game, to with 6.6 rebounds per game and 3.1 assists per game.

The Thunder already made one intelligent move earlier in the offseason as it acquired Paul George from the Indiana Pacers. As a point guard, it's my job to make their jobs easier.

That fits with what Golden State does so well - play five players who can interchange positions. Today, the idea still enlivens, but with the Warriors being the Warriors, it's hard to see how this changes anything at the top of the Western Conference.

Westbrook said he is looking forward to playing with Anthony and George.

The giant Kiwi centre was in the kind of form we've come to expect when talking to the media during his first appearance in Thunder kit for the season.

"The league is in transition, but that's what happens all the time", Presti said.

Four centers at big money isn't how the National Basketball Association game is played today.

"And now, it's just whoever". The guy is trying to get back on his feet, trying to work back to this league, (and) you send him to the Philadelphia Sixers?

"The thing I've admired for a very long time is his professionalism and the way he carries himself", said Thunder General Manager Sam Presti at the Thunder's media day Monday. Westbrook obviously took control of the Thunder with Durant abandoning him and giving him no other choice. "Whether [if] it's post-ups if it's outside shooting 3-pointers; you look at the roster; you look at the players' strengths and you try to build from there".

Some may see this new Thunder team and say, "there is no way they can share the ball". Kanter's offensive rating last season of 107.8 is higher than any Knick who suited up in 2016-17.

There were the Serge Ibaka and Taj Gibson swaps that helped them through last season.

Anthony's skill set is closer to James' than any player the Thunder has had at power forward. Following a season of pure disappointment, the Knicks need something or someone exciting to lead them. "To be able to play with those two guys and the rest of the guys we have is awesome, man".

"A lot of teams switch like that, but exposing them at their weak spot, that little window of opportunity?"

In Cleveland, Wade will be reunited with James, his close friend, former Miami teammate and a player he confided in before signing with his hometown Chicago Bulls previous year. A worst-case scenario that doesn't involve some freak ACL tear will involve some intrasquad bickering and an offense that's broken in a familiarly Thunderian way: too many isolations, tight contests won and lost via late-in-the-shot-clock desperation.