Mexico Faces A Two-Fold Earthquake Risk

Mexico Faces A Two-Fold Earthquake Risk

A powerful quake struck Mexico on Tuesday afternoon, causing dozens of buildings to collapse and killing more than 200 people. The last body to be found in the rubble of the school was that of a 58-year-old woman, discovered Thursday morning.

"They continue to pull out children, but we don't know anything about my daughter", Adriana D'Fargo told AFP, as she continued to look for her 7-year-old child. But it was unclear Friday how many collapsed buildings may contain survivors.

Luis Felipe Puente, the coordinator of national civil defense, said Friday on Twitter that more than half of those killed, 157 people, died in Mexico City.

Carlos Gonzalez is a former member of the US Air Force where he helped with search and rescue operations, including during the moments immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Specialist civilian and military rescuers gathered at the scene with digging equipment, ropes and sniffer dogs, and began battling their way through the wreckage, trying to get to the trapped child, who was communicating with the rescuers.

Of rescuers attempting to clear rubble from the school Enrique Rebsaman, in Mexico city, on September 20, 2017. There were also 13 deaths in the State of Mexico (just outside of Mexico City), six in the state of Guerrero and one in the state of Oaxaca, which had been heavily affected by another quake less than two weeks earlier. "Today, more than ever, we invite the community of God to join in solidarity for our brothers who are suffering various calamities that have struck our country".

Climbing around the rubble and guided by her trainer, her ears, and her nose, Frida hunts for signs of life.

Rescuers are still digging for survivors trapped in the rubble two days after that devastating 7.1 magnitude quake.

The television station continued to give accounts, which it said were verified by officials, in an effort to rescue the girl leading up to Thursday's report by the navy, shocking many Mexicans who had followed the news, BuzzFeed said.

Rodrigo Heredia Chia is one of the thousands of amateur search and rescue teams that Mexico has trained.

But Frida isn't the only rescue dog working tirelessly to help victims of the Mexico natural disaster.

One search in Mexico City took place at a school where workers spotted a girl Wednesday buried in debris and were able to confirm she was still alive by asking her to move her hand.

"We are extremely thankful to Russian Federation, to President [Vladimir] Putin, for the offer of help that Russian Federation is about to send to Mexico", Caso said.