Top hidden features for iOS 11 users

Top hidden features for iOS 11 users

She shared her opinion in a Twitter direct message saying that this method of turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes experience "uncomfortable".

For years it has been a doodle to switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you're not using them.

The iOS 11 Control Center looks great, but apparently, its buttons for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features do not work the way that most users would think they do. The Bluetooth toggle operates in a similar fashion. "Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to be available", Apple's documentation for iOS 11 says. Starting with iOS 11, disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Control Center will not shut them off. One of the much needed feature is to turn on and turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, however the iOS 11 doesn't allow you to easily do so. But as the saying goes, it's not a bug, it's a feature.

You swipe up from the bottom, Control Center appears, you tap the Wi-Fi icon, it dims / turns grey, and voila - you've turned off Wi-Fi, right?

Apple's newest operating system will no longer support 32-bit apps, a move that Apple has basically been working toward since iOS 9 in 2015.

This fault was first noticed by Andrea Barisani where he immediately posted a blog on Twitter saying iOS 11 is misleading iPhone users with the connectivity problems and this is really very unfair.

You can restart them by visiting the same Settings menu and Tapping on to the Toggle button to turn them on. Indeed, we barely lasted a day on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11 with nearly no use - only one short call and occasional checking of emails.

The potentially serious consequences of secretly recording people on iOS 11 is not the only issue with the new platform. The larger question is how Apple controls which devices can connect to the iPhone in this mode. The Toronto Police is urging those updating to iOS 11 to not try out the 911 feature. Similarly for Bluetooth Settings tab on Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

We have been speculating about what the new iOS would have in store for us and luckily, Apple did not disappoint.