Bears Sticking With Mike Glennon As Starting Quarterback

Chicago Bears Head Coach John Fox

While he had praise for how Trubisky has developed, Fox said he wants to see more of Glennon. That seems sensible. I won't rage next week about Trubisky starting against the Packers but if the switch isn't made for the Vikings game, I'm going to blow a gasket. "I thought he hung in there, he got hit enough, but I don't think that loss was all about the quarterback".

Cutler helped the Dolphins down the Chargers 19-17 Sunday, throwing for 230 yards including a 29-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills. Mike Glennon is completing 67.1 percent of his passes for 514 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Through two weeks, the Bears rank 26th in rushing yardage (72.5 yards per game).

The Bucs' next home game, October 1 against the Giants, just got a little more interesting from a broadcast standpoint.

Let's look at Mike Glennon's quarterback stats and how they rank amongst other National Football League quarterbacks.

"We had a pretty good feel of what we were doing to start with and we still feel pretty good about that moving forward with Mike being the guy and we'll see where that takes us", Fox said. Special teams, punt team continues to do a good job.

For the second time in as many career games, Cohen was a force in the passing game, pacing the Bears in receptions in the process.

But for a franchise that hasn't made the playoffs since 2010, the patience of the fan base is wearing thin.

"I don't think it would have gone as well if I'd stayed there", Brate said Monday of his weekend with the Vikings. The hole he dug in the first half was too deep, no matter how much John Fox tries to deflect the blame from his quarterback.

Quarterback Jameis Winston & Co. lived up to the offseason hype, and Tampa Bay almost shut the Bears out on their home turf.

In the team's Week 2 loss (29-7) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Glennon's 301 passing yards and one touchdown were clouded by three turnovers, including a awful pick six, against his former team. Some quarterbacks start their rookie seasons; others sit, watch and learn. "The point that you're (the media) probably talking about is the fourth quarter of (the Tampa game)". Barber proved himself useful in the second half, helping move the line, move the chains, and most importantly to move the clock. "In two articles, I don't know if you should be fired or kept off of two things". Noah Spence had the sole sack on Sunday and for the most part Glennon was left standing up. It's just something that we have to deal with and I would say that was a concern going in, mainly because of the timing of how many days we had off. "I love his growth", the coach said. I've got two rules (be on time and play hard).

Here's one play from Bucs cornerback Robert McClain who snagged a key pick-six.

Added tight end Zach Miller: "Week to week (Trubisky) is getting better every day". Trubisky plays football. He's going to get tackled.

The turnovers committed on Sunday weren't fluke plays or great athletic plays created by the defense, but turnovers were created by studying common traits and weaknesses in an offense.

"It was cool going against him again".

Clearly, what Fox is saying is we haven't seen enough of Glennon yet to know for sure what we have, and when you watch the tape, other than the two very bad interceptions, Fox does have a point. John Fox had some nice things to say about Mitch Trubisky. "I can't predict the future". "I don't think anybody here can". If you did, you'd be in another line of work.