Rohingya crisis: India asks Myanmar to handle situation with restraint

Muslim women hold posters of Myanmar's State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi during a rally against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Medan North Sumatra Indonesia on Wednesday

"He said since August, "probably well over" 200,000 refugees have crossed over the border into Bangladesh to escape the violence".

He added that "everyone should stand beside the Rohingya people".

"They say living out in open, without protection from the tropical sun with their children, without enough food to eat".

Anwara Begum said she plunged into a river with her four-year-old son, as soldiers fired at fleeing villagers.

Over a thousand Muslim devotees belonging to the organisation Islamic Movement Bangladesh joined a rally in the capital's Paltan area.

Not wanting to undermine the Asian country's democratic leader, the cautiously criticising what looks like a forced exodus of more than a quarter-million Rohingya in the last two weeks as Myanmar's military responds with hammer force to insurgent attacks.

According to the UNHCR fact-sheet of March 2016, the agency provides protection and assistance to 538 urban asylum seekers and refugees in Nepal from nine different countries including the Rohingya from Myanmar. Security was beefed up around Buddhist temples and other institutions in Dhaka and elsewhere.

Hardline Buddhist groups in Myanmar have been accused of inciting racial hatred against Rohingya.

The UN added that there is desperate need for food, water and health services for those who arrive in Bangladesh-Myanmar's border town of Cox Bazaar, the BBC reported.

On Friday, New York-based Human Rights Watch released satellite images that showed 450 buildings being destroyed by fire in a primarily Rohingya neighborhood of Maungdaw township, the administrative seat of Rakhine state, on September 2.

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Rohingya crisis: India asks Myanmar to handle situation with restraint

United Nations officials in Bangladesh now estimate that the total number of refugees from Myanmar since Aug 25 could reach up to 300,000, said Dipayan Bhattacharyya, who is Bangladesh spokesman for the World Food Programme (WFP).

Fisherman Noor Mohammed, 50, said three members of his family in Rakhine were killed a few days ago.

Some global commentators have called on Ms Suu Kyi to be stripped of her peace prize over claims she has done or said little to try and stop the unfolding crisis.

But human rights advocates are urging the Burmese government to stop the violence.

According to a recent report, Israel continues to sell weapons to Myanmar's military junta despite the ongoing persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority.

He warned that such an "ominous and organized plot by global Zionism" would result in genocide against the Muslims, oppression and forced displacement, ethnic and racial cleansing, massacre and regional instability. The images we are seeing of the suffering of the Rohingya fill us with pain and dread ...

The Bangladesh government said it would establish camps for internally displaced people, but the move could spark opposition from some humanitarian experts.

She says: "We are seeing the mushrooming of these very flimsy shelters that will not be able to house people for too long".

Priscilla Clapp, who served as chief of mission and permanent charge d'affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar from 1999 to 2002, said a lot of the criticism of Aung San Suu Kyi is unfair, due to the limitations on her power and influence.

New Delhi has reiterated its intentions of handling the situation with restraint and maturity and that the welfare of civilian population and security forces should be the focus.