As with ObamaCare, Trump gives Congress no plan for tax reform

President Donald Trump

While Trump has signed 53 pieces of legislation and appointed a Supreme Court justice during the eight months he's been in the Oval Office, the new president been unable to deliver any of his major legislative goals: health care, infrastructure and a wall on the southern border.

Voters, it seems, have taken note of his disdain for the press.

Trump's disapproval rating rose 11 points, to 64 percent. Only 33 percent told the network they believe he is bringing the country together, and Politico noted, "A majority of voters did not approve of Trump's handling of any of the major policy areas covered in the poll".

Frequent cable TV guest Jolly is part of a group of Republicans whose criticisms of the president have drawn the ire of Trump supporters.

A majority of Americans believe President Trump is "tearing the country apart", and almost two-thirds are unhappy with the direction the USA is headed, a new Fox News poll has found.

Breaking the numbers down:19 percent of Republicans said they don't like his conduct, 46 reported "mixed" feelings about Trump's behavior, and just 34 percent said they do like his conduct.

Popular Video This young teenage singer was shocked when Keith Urban invited her on stage at his concert. And he went out of his way to antagonize the very kind of Senate Democrat who might otherwise be persuaded to back a reform initiative.

The relationship between President Trump and Republicans in Congress is rapidly deteriorating.

The survey found that a majority of voters disagreed with the president's assertion that both sides were culpable for Charlottesville.

Fifty percent of respondents said overall that they disapproved of the job Mr. Trump was doing in countering North Korea's continued threats, while 43 percent approved. Thirty-two percent (32%) say it's bad for the country, while 10% feel the criticism has no impact.

"The challenge is, they (Republicans) are going to find, as Obama showed, it's not easy to translate people's support for you into a larger party effort", said longtime Florida Democratic strategist Steven Schale, who was Obama's 2008 Florida director. 41 percent of voters believed Trump respected racial minorities while 56 percent said he did not. Participants lamented the complexity of the existing system and said lower taxes on businesses would keep jobs in the United States.Overall, 61 percent of those polled remained dissatisfied with the current tax system. Former President Gerald Ford-whose popularity plummeted after he pardoned his predecessor, Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace amid the Watergate scandal-was close: On day 224 of his presidency, Ford's approval rating was 37.4 percent, or 0.2 percentage points better than where Trump stands now, according to FiveThirtyEight.