9000+ evacuees take refuge at George R. Brown convention center

Hundreds of Harvey Evacuees Arrive in Dallas

"This is disturbing. Why didn't they have enough cots?"

And then there is a feeling of relief that, for the moment, they have left the floodwaters behind.

Those fleeing the wrath and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey are arriving by any means possible.

San Antonio has taken in more than 1,000 evacuees. More supplies are on the way, but they can not get into Houston due to flooded roads. She was stressing the positive. "And they still not", she said.

And I think just the ongoing concern would be what to do as more and more people come here. The mayor says the city thanks him for his service and is mourning all those who have died in the midst of Harvey. But she was desperate to know one thing: Were Uncle Jon and Uncle Paul still alive?

"I've been out here for two days".

Before it breaks up, Harvey could creep as far east as MS by Thursday, meaning New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina unleashed its full wrath in 2005, is in Harvey's path. Foreboding images of Harvey lit up weather radar screens on the 12th anniversary of the day Katrina made landfall in Plaquemines Parish.

CHANG: In a press conference Tuesday evening, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the Toyota Center is being opened as an additional shelter. There is a children's playroom full of toys and sleeping areas for families, men and women. Even a "little baby" was on the floor next to them, she described. One person said she had only gotten one meal Monday while watching others take several helpings of food. "We are still in process as an organization in mobilizing thousands of volunteers to bring down here", said the deputy director of the Red Cross. "I know the water will go down in my subdivision if the rain stops".

The Red Cross has also set up other shelters throughout the area.

Sandy says the shelter is now out of cots and waiting for more to arrive.

Hotel prices, she said, were too steep, and her vehicle had been swallowed up by the floodwaters.

Animal control will be on site at the Fort shelter since pets since pets are being allowed to stay with evacuees.

Brown Convention Center in Houston is overflowing with more than 9,000 people and the number is expected to grow.

In one of the hardest hit and poorest sections of town, Houston residents tell tales of being stranded for days waiting for rescue. Those who go to the convention center will have access to medical care, a pharmacy with free prescriptions provided by Walmart and charging stations for their phones, Rawlings said.

That's where nearly 9,000 people are taking shelter from tropical storm Harvey. The church, once home to the Houston Rockets, seats 16,000 people.

TATYANA HAWKINS: Everything you do, it's a line. "If folks have a child they want to get educated and not sit in a center, they walk in the door, they register, put the kid down on a desk and they start learning". "Same thing going to the restroom".

"They are in need of shelter space for 7,000 guests". But on Monday, few seemed to dwell on those thoughts.

"Someone flagged them down, said, 'Hey, no no, stop!" Not yet, not here, not with all of these strangers swirling around.

"She's the only reason I'm here".