Republicans blamed for debt ceiling 'mess'

US President Donald Trump walks to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House

With funding for the government running out September 30, the US facing a separate deadline to raise the nation's debt limit, and Congress not due back from recess until September 5, the next six weeks could get very bumpy.

On Thursday, Trump slammed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin for creating what he called a "mess" of the legislative process meant to raise the country's borrowing limit.

Rather than becoming the goat who ate the Republican Party, Cruz solidified his position as a hero to many grassroots GOP voters. Trump tweeted Friday morning.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., reminds those who want to blame Democrats for any shutdown that Republicans control Washington.

Raising the debt limit is the job of Congress, and it's possible the new spending measures and the debt limit will be packaged together.

One looming deadline will be avoiding a government shutdown.

In public, Trump has stopped repeating his vow to make Mexico pay for the wall - which Republican lawmakers have estimated would require US$12 billion to US$15 billion - though his aides insist that's still the president's intention. The US, on the other hand, has made the full faith and credit of the federal government a foundation of its policy, going back to the time of Alexander Hamilton. "I'm making a broader point than that", Danforth said.

"I do think it is counterproductive for him to have a strained relationship with Leader McConnell."

In some cases, Trump undercut his party's chances of picking up a seat. As his health care bill spiraled down the toilet, Trump also raged at the cumbersome Senate rule. Bob Corker after the Republican lawmaker questioned the president's "competence" and "stability" last week.

Trump says on Twitter: "Strange statement by Bob Corker considering that he is constantly asking me whether or not he should run again in '18".

But with Corker running for re-election, that is a race the national party never has to think about or spend a dime on. On Tuesday, the president took the act public when he traveled to Phoenix and bashed Arizona's two USA senators from his own party - on their home turf.

The "why" with Trump is always elusive.

Trump critics have criticized him for using divisive language during his campaign and during his presidency.

Those are the priorities for the WSJ editorial board and the Republican leadership in Congress.

She added that the White House was looking for a "clean" debt ceiling bill — without any legislative add-ons. Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney (a former Freedom Caucus member), has suggested a debt ceiling raise should come with spending cuts. When Republican politicians see his low approval ratings and try to distance themselves from him, he won't do what previous presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have done in the same situation - gritted their teeth and accepted it as a manifestation of the primacy of self-interest for every politician - but instead will strike out angrily at them.

"Let's put them in a box when it comes to the debt ceiling". A reasonable person would have thought that the events of last week - when he gave de facto support for the KKK and other white power groups - would have eroded his support. "They do this all the time to us", Graham said in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

It's very likely then, that in part because of Trump, Republicans lose both toss-up states (Nevada, Arizona) while Democrats keep their losses to two (Indiana, Missouri).

The president threatened the shutdown over one of his key campaign promises. The wall drama plays out as his decision to pour more troops and resources into Afghanistan risks disappointing supporters drawn by his pledges to cut U.S. military involvement overseas.