How Much Do You Win If You Match One Powerball Number?

How Much Do You Win If You Match One Powerball Number?

The Powerball jackpot reached $700 million, the second largest in US history.

Angelica Sandoval, who works at 7-Eleven in Mattituck, also said her customers have been purchasing large quantities of tickets and she's planning to purchase some, too, but plans to only spend $10.

North Dakota has never had a jackpot victor.

Ticket holders in Maryland, Kansas and IL shared the $656 million prize in 2012.

Californians really ramped up the ticket-buying in the hours before Wednesday night's winning numbers were announced.

"Our hunches are better, our second sight is better, our instincts are better", said psychic Lady Ocalat.

The drawing will be at 10:59 on Wednesday night.

In 2016, the amount of winnings from lottery tickets sold at East Lake Food and Liquor totaled $1,173,388, a number that is displayed close to the business' front door.

"I would just buy a house, buy a vehicle, put the money away and sit on it", said Jackie.

The jackpot has been growing without a victor since June 10, and is expected to be the second-largest in USA history. "I'm going to win", Perez said.

With tickets priced at just $2, the low-risk-high-reward factor draws in millions of hopeful players.

The largest winning came about 20 years ago, $151,549. The chance of winning the Powerball jackpot used to be one in 175 million. The current value of the cash payout is $443.3 million. "You can buy all ten of the most expensive cars made today for you and nine friends".

Those who want a shot at taking home a piece of the massive sum, no matter how unlikely, will need to purchase a ticket soon.

We wanted to give you an idea about how small your chances of winning it all may be.

The victor will get annual payments over 29 years, totaling at least US$700 million, or US$443.3 million in a lump sum payment, before taxes.