Google to livestream Android O reveal on August 21 during the eclipse

Google to livestream Android O reveal on August 21 during the eclipse

The leak seems suspicious as he claims that it comes from an unnamed source but is certain that the Android O's market name is Orellete and not Oreo. Likewise, Android Oreo will include support for Neighborhood Aware Networking and features better energy management thanks to new restrictions on background tasks.

As for that nickname, evidence continues to mount suggesting it'll indeed be called Android Oreo (Google set precedent for such commercial branding in 2013 with the launch of Android KitKat). The image has been tweeted by Evan Blass, a well-known leaker of the upcoming software, products, and tech services.

As it was reported just a few days ago, Google will officially unveil Android 8.0 on the 21 August during the Solar Eclipse.

One of the biggest changes for Android 8.0 is the Picture-In-Picture mode.

Apart from the fact that Google introduces new version of Android once a year, the Nexus and Pixel devices are expected to be on board post this. Apart from it, the phone will pack in all the necessary Google services including security features, applications and much more.

Android O will also make your life more colorful as the new feature will give the display screens a wider range of colours.

Tech Radar argues that Android Oatmeal should be the name of the next variant of Android as it would turn over a new leaf for the company by adopting a healthier name for the operating system. Google has promised to show off "the next release of Android and all of it's super (sweet) new powers". Only 13.5 percent of all Android users now have the most recent version, called Nougat, installed on their devices.

Google has been teasing us with Android O developer previews for months now, but the wait will be over next week.

Google released the Android Nougat 7.1.1 update for Google Nexus 6 in the beginning of this year but later on, Google stops the update. After the AOSP release are the proprietary Google app releases and updates, which often bring the most significant features. That's why when you look up "NBA draft recap", for example, you've always seen short text snippets for each result.