How to watch the Great American Eclipse live online

How to watch the Great American Eclipse live online

What exactly is a solar eclipse? The last time a total solar eclipse was visible to such a large portion of the US was 100 years ago.

In north Alabama, which will see the more of the sun hidden by the moon than the rest of the state, there will be a 20 percent chance of rain on Monday with partly to mostly sunny skies, according to the weather service in Huntsville. The moon will come in between the Earth and the sun for up to three hours, blocking the sun.

On the east coast of Charleston, South Carolina, the last location in the continental US over which the eclipse will pass, Runyon and her team of professors and students will launch balloons from a US Coast Guard boat 9km to 11km offshore. They will be launched from roughly 50 United States locations and transmit the images back to Earth. "If you see any scratches on them, if it seems like the coating is separating or peeling or if in any way the seem damaged, do not use them", Hohner said.

People watch a partial solar eclipse at a sports field at the National University of Singapore in Singapore on March 9, 2016. "The most that we'll see is going to be about 2:45 in the afternoon", said Hassle. Solar eclipse glasses have met the ISO 12312-2 global standard and block 100 percent of harmful UV and harmful infrared light as well as blocking 99.99 percent of intense visible light. "So you can actually have permanent damage to the cells that help you see", Hohner said.

It's the first total solar eclipse visible in the US but no other country since the founding of our nation in 1776.

Individuals should only view the eclipse through safety glasses that comply with worldwide safety standards for direct viewing.

For example, you can go to, and, in the main box area, type in "pictures of a solar eclipse", then hit enter and watch the stars align-literally!

NASA's wide-ranging, four-hour-long eclipse extravaganza begins at 12 p.m. The little spaces between your fingers will project a grid of small images on the ground, showing the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse. One popular way to see the partial eclipse is to indirectly view it through a pinhole projector.

Attendees will also be able to make pinhole viewers while they wait for their turn to use the glasses, he said.

On the positive side, the National Weather Service says the signs are looking very good for clear skies when the eclipse passes over OR and Idaho as well as when it passes over the OH and Tennessee valleys.

Lexington's Living Arts and Science Center is celebrating the eclipse with hands-on activities and a live NASA feed tracking the eclipse throughout the country in the Planetarium.

I've been told that Transitions' parent company Essilor has some ISO-certified eclipse glasses for safe-eclipse viewing on Monday. It is not safe to look directly at an eclipse, so some companies have been selling special glasses that will protect your eyes during the event.

The Putney (Vt.) Public Library is hosting an eclipse viewing party on Monday from 2-3 p.m.

First of all, and most importantly, only take the selfie during totality. The NASA has already made the entire experience available online and also invited commoners to becomes special scientists to watch the eclipse.