Solar eclipse tips from Lehigh University astronomer

Here's how you can make your own solar eclipse glasses

Eastern Daylight Time around Charlestown, S.C. The total eclipse, which will last about 2.5 minutes in any given location, will be visible to those who live in an approximately 70-mile-wide band along this route: the path of totality. However, the moon's orbit and the sun's path in our sky don't match up exactly, so at most of those new moon events, the moon appears above or below the sun.

It's the first that will be seen by all of North America since 1918. Joshua Pepper, an astronomer and assistant professor of physics at Lehigh University, has boiled down the rare event to straightforward answers to your questions.

Don't even bother trying to book an Airbnb or camp ground along the eclipse line unless you're willing to shell out a small fortune; rooms and sites have been booked for months.

Chris Thetford with the Better Business Bureau joined us to explain.

The entire eclipse (before and after the totality) will last more than four hours, but if you take too close of a look, you could damage your eyes. Black Sun will show you simulations based on NASA data for the next three solar eclipses, and it's all hosted right on your phone, so it won't matter if you lose cell service.

Some retailers have pairs remaining, but if you don't happen to find a pair, you can safely make an eclipse-viewer at home.

To combat the problem of counterfeit glasses, the society has identified the companies whose products are certified safe by recognized authorities and whose certification is confirmed as genuine.

Garvin said it has been almost 100 years since an eclipse of this magnitude has been seen from the U.S. Nasa has instructions on how to do this, as well as files to print out and use, here.

Eclipse party-goers can come and go as they please. Always double check that a listing is on the real website and emails are coming from official addresses. The center will broadcast the Festus eclipse goings-on to viewing parties in St. Louis, where there will be just a partial eclipse. Some of the original rooms are then offered again at a much higher rate. Remember, you can always make a box pinhole projector.

Thomas said there are several eclipses in the future including one in 2024 and another in 2044 but neither will follow the same path as Monday's eclipse making it a unique experience for viewers from coast to coast.

Activities are open to all ages, and family participation is encouraged!

As of Tuesday, many stores who carry approved eyewear are reporting that they are sold out, including the Gloversville Walmart.

"I have been waiting nearly 40 years for this eclipse, and although I will be operating 14 cameras during totality, I will certainly take a moment to gaze at the eclipse the same way people have done for thousands of years: with wonder".