Taylor Swift Sexual Assault Trial: What Did Taylor Swift Say in Court?

Lena Dunham praised her friend Taylor Swift’s testimony Thursday during her ongoing trial

Taylor Swift is fighting a historic court battle against DJ David Mueller.

Taylor Swift's lawsuit comes as a reply to Mueller's. The singer's mother, Andrea, took the stand on Wednesday (09Aug17) and fought back tears as she recalled her daughter telling her about the butt grab. Bell is a co-defendant.

Swift adamantly countered that claim in court.

Taylor Swift's mother says she and her daughter's managers chose to tell the bosses of a radio DJ that he had assaulted the singer, hoping he would be fired but not asking them to do so.

She also refuses to be blamed for what happened to David after the incident. According to Swift, the photo is a "smoking gun". Swift is countersuing, saying she was sexually assaulted.

Mueller testified his hand was touching Swift's skirt after he put his arm around her and their arms got crossed: "My hand was at rib-cage level and apparently it went down".

But Greg Dent testified Friday he did not take any immediate action because he generally took his cues from Swift and she gave him none.

He was also asked whether it was he who had touched Swift inappropriately, as was alleged in Mueller's testimony.

Taylor Swift has always been a recurring character in show biz drama involving the likes of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as Katy Perry (but not Kendick Lamar), though in recent days, she's turned her attention to more serious allegations. He is seeking at least $3 million.

Women who've been assaulted know all too well how hard it is to speak up and accuse their abusers.

Dent testified that he was positioned off to Swift's side during the meet-and-greet, and he watched Mueller and his then-girlfriend Shannon Melcher enter for a photo.

Swift, who has 85 million followers on Twitter and 102 million followers on Instagram, earned $170 million in the year to June 2016 following a world tour and her best-selling "1989" album, according to Forbes Magazine.

A courtroom sketch of Taylor Swift taking the stand

Mueller initiated the litigation, claiming Swift fabricated the groping story and pressured KYGO to fire him.

"I didn't sense danger after he touched her", he said.

Both claims are being weighed at the trial which is taking place in Denver, Colorado, and yesterday saw the third day of testimony.

Swift is now countersuing Mueller for just $1.

A sign in the windows across the street from Denver Federal Court, where the Taylor Swift groping trial is being held.

Wednesday's court proceedings were delayed by a closed evidentiary hearing that lasted almost two hours.

For the seven years before he was hired by KYGO, Mueller worked for Nineball Radio, which is known in the industry as a "prep service".

She rejected Mueller's claim that their interaction was basic "jostling" for a photo and dismissed the possibility that she had misidentified Mueller. On any suggestion that her allegations are false, she challenges why she can't rely on plain and empirical evidence.

Mueller is a former radio show host.

Swift was confident and assertive in her testimony. RM4.30) in damages. She maintains that she "did not instruct or otherwise encourage Mueller to be fired". On Thursday she was joined by more family and associates in the presence of her brother Austin Swift and publicist Tree Paine. Swift was 23 at that time while the DJ was 51. Any other assault victim wouldn't have the luxury of foregoing the amount the court can award in reparation for the crime committed against them.

Taylor Swift's mother didn't call police to report allegations that a radio station DJ groped her daughter before a 2013 concert, and a liaison for the pop star asked the DJ's boss to keep a photo of the alleged assault confidential.