Glen Campbell and Willie Nelson lamented how time slips away

Glen Campbell and Willie Nelson lamented how time slips away

He died yesterday and now many are paying tribute to him.

And it showed in his remarkable success; over his career, he produced 70 studio albums, 45 million record sales, nine USA number ones, 12 gold records and four platinum records.

However, Campbell was not destined to be just a back-up man.

Campbell, the youngest of the late singer's eight children, is a singer herself. The seventh son of 12 children, he however demonstrated his musical talents early in his youth where he started the guitar with expertise.

Campbell recalled meeting Urban when he was still an up-and-coming musician during a trip to Australia and giving him the advice to always keep practicing - advice Urban admitted he was still following to that day, years into a successful career.

Webb wrote that Campbell's love was deep and mercurial and his friendship tenacious. Mr. Campbell unfortunately could not remember a lot at the end, but his numerous fans and I will not forget him.

Dolly Parton, Brad Paisley, Brian Wilson, Lenny Kravitz and other musicians flooded Twitter with tributes to Campbell.

But his breakout success came in 1967 with the song Gentle on My Mind and his album By the Time I Get to Phoenix was named Album of the Year at the 1968 Grammy Awards. That was full six years before Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson released their country chart-topping version of the song and adopted its name for their ongoing collaboration the Highwaymen.

Peter Frampton: "Dear Glen Campbell Rest In Peace As well as your incredible musical abilities you were one of the most down to earth ppl I have ever known". He admitted abusing drugs and cocaine. He and Tucker broke up acrimoniously in 1981, but he went on to find Christ and end his substance abuse. He was truly a trailblazer in country music and there will never be another. But in 2011, Campbell announced he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease and would be going on a farewell tour. As he would confide in painful detail, he suffered for his fame and made others suffer as well. I remember the hearing Campbell's smooth voice for the first time live and it was just as incredible as it had sounded on his records.

But Campbell himself remained upbeat.

And his songs tell a compelling story.

"I had an old vehicle and l used to drive to the set with the Duke (Wayne)", Campbell told me. It would be much, much later in life before I realized the song was actually quite sad and its titular character was a failed Nashville songwriter.

JACKSON: And here's this guy, you know, fighting Alzheimer's, 78, 79 years old and he's in there singing his heart out, sounding like he's 40 years old still, you know.