Family Of Minneapolis Police Shooting Victim Hires Philando Castile Lawyer

Family Of Minneapolis Police Shooting Victim Hires Philando Castile Lawyer

Harrity's attorney Fed Bruno said Thursday the officers had a "reasonable" fear they were being targeted for an ambush as they drove into the dark alley behind Damond's home, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"On our squad cars you will find the words 'to protect with courage and to serve with compassion.' This did not happen". "This did not happen".

Justine Ruszczyk, who went by her fiance's name, Damond, called the police twice Saturday night when she heard noises "out the back", suspecting sexual assault.

"I'm not sure if she's having sex or being raped", Damond told the 911 operator.

"Justine did not have to die", Harteau said.

"Sadly, her family and I have been provided with nearly no additional information from law enforcement regarding what happened after police arrived", Damond said.

They listed several calls for action, including better training to address the problems that lead to violence and more comprehensive policies for body cameras, which were not activated for the shooting.

"However, with Philando Castile and Jamar Clark there was video and the officer still was acquitted in one case and not even charges were brought in the other".

However, data from past fatal police shootings in Minnesota show that inexperienced officers are not more likely than veteran cops to pull the trigger.

The police department's internal affairs unit can compel Mr Noor to give a statement as part of its own investigation and fire him if he refuses.

Other than Harrity's statement to BCA, police officials have shared little information about the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Harteau, in her first remarks since the shooting, said she'd only met Noor a handful of times in the two years he's been with the department. The city has turned the investigation of Damond's death over to the state's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

A Minneapolis police spokesman has declined to comment on whether the officers are being investigated for potentially violating departmental policy regarding body cameras. According to investigators, Officer Matthew Harrity and his partner Mohamed Noor responded to the call.

Harteau has been under growing pressure to speak out about her department's officer involved shooting, with some in community questioning why she wouldn't cut her vacation short and return with answers.

The chief's comments were a striking departure from the measured responses of other police chiefs in the aftermath of similar high-profile shootings of civilians at the hands of USA law enforcement.

"He has a story to tell that no one else can tell", she said. She said she was concerned they had the wrong address, and gave it again.

The body cameras were inactive for both police officers in the patrol vehicle, investigators said.

The department had only had the body cameras for eight months, so it was "not second nature" for them, she said.

Questions have been raised about whether the relative lack of experience of Noor and Harrity, who's been on the force for a year, might have contributed to the tragedy.

Damond, 40, died at the scene.

Harteau defended the training her officers receive and said the shooting was a reflection on just one officer.