Brides scramble to secure dresses in sudden closing of Alfred Angelo stores

Brides scramble to secure dresses in sudden closing of Alfred Angelo stores

Filintarakis said she had heard from a friend that the store was about to permanently close at 8 p.m.

Heather Cumpston of Cicero said she ordered a bridesmaid dress in June from the DeWitt store, and doesn't know what to do or if she can even get a refund.

Consumerist attempted to contact Alfred Angelo, but a call to the company's headquarters wasn't answered.

One store location did answer the phone. An employee at a store in San Antonio confirmed the company is filing for bankruptcy.

Brides across the country are being stood up at the store entrance.

"It nearly would be better if no one had their dress - at least I could start over, " she said.

Freeburg said she might have to change color schemes and may wind up paying for dresses for the other two bridesmaids. The bridal shop told Jones to email her order information, but she received no assurance that her order would come.

Shifflett had picked out her wedding dress in March - and paid a $1,000 cash deposit toward the $1,500-plus dress and veil - and had gotten a call earlier this month that the dress was ready for alternations. "And whoever did this to them, I feel absolutely disgusting for them because everybody is losing their job as of 8 o'clock tonight", Donna said.

The company's website declares that 'he will never forget the way you looked, ' conjuring romantic images of happy, loved-up grooms and their attractive partners.

The Delray Beach, the Florida-based company did not issue a prior warning to its employees about the move, an Alfred Angelo store manager told the Wall Street Journal. She had less than an hour to get to the store and luckily, made it with five minutes to spare.

Angry brides and bridesmaids turned to Facebook and Twitter to vent their frustrations with the news.

Alfred Angelo Bridal is shuttering their doors as part of a planned bankruptcy, KTXL reported. "One of them said it they were all fired today ..." Future brides and bridesmaids are now scrambling without their dresses and without answers.

"This is unbelievable", Pinilis said as she stood in front of the store Friday afternoon.